Good weekend but long too

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    My husband came home from his hunting trip that he had been gone for 8 days and came home to our youngest daughter &her husband and our grandson here. They had arrived on saturday morning as my SIL has drill once a month and they live a hours drive away so they come and stay with us as it is cheaper than driving back and forth everyday.

    I got to play with my grandson Braxton who is 6 months old and he is 27 inches tall and weighs 17lbs 12oz and he is the cuteset baby there is. He has found his tounge adn will sit and look at you with this tounge hanging out of his mouth over his lower lip and he loks so cute, he does not talk softly much . HE will chatter for a while and them he gets louder and finally will yell and scream at you to pay attention to him. His dad will call out his name and tell him not so loud and Braxton will look at him and go softer for a bit. HE can sit by him self and he is trying to crawl and he does move aroundby scotting .

    I was playing with him and got him to laugh adn he wsa so fun but he is a mommies boy. My daugther is still nursing and the baby thinks that she is his alone. HE will " have snackes and only nurse for a about 10 minutes and then it done for a while " But he is on baby food too and like some of it but he like mommy better and he nurses really good at night. He will have a bowl of rice cereal and then he will want to nurse for quite awhile and then will sleep for about 5-6 hours but this week end he was not feeling good and didn't sleep very well either.

    He was not in his bed and he had a cough and alergies too. So he was not so happy at time but He like to have his pitcures taken and pose's for the camera so I have smoe vieido of him .

    After my hubby came home adn my daughter and her family wrer packing up to go home, my oldest daughter and her husband came over too visit too and we had a good time playing with the bay and getting him to laugh ,he gave his Auntie a kiss , well it was not a real kiss he went for her nose and bite it and licked it and I have never seen any one move a baby so fast and she was gorssed out that he was licking her nose.

    IT was fun and my daughter andI got to talk and spend time to gether and it also was very tireing too.

    I have been meaning to tell you that in my posts when I write about my daughters none of them live at home.

    The oldest who is 27 just got married a couple of months ago, the middle one who is 23 is a nanny back east in Connecicut and is tending 2 kids a 3 year old ane a 11 month old so she is really kept busy and will not be able to come home again till christmas. And the youngest is also married and has been married for 1 year and four months and has the baby who is 6 months old and they live in Odgen which is an hour's drive from here in Logan. So they are not any help to clean the house.

    When the youngset one come she will help me with the vaccumming and lifting heavy things and is really good about keepingtheroom she is in clean and leaving it clean too. It is the everyday living that I find really hard. AS I don't ahve anyone to help me at home my husband works 10 hour days is when he gets home he retreats to his den to watch TV and relax. HE does help a bit but it is me who is the main one who cleans the house and some days I don't have the energy to get out of the bed. I am so tired that I will doze off just sitting and watching TV. I have been so tired that I dozed off one evening wwhile typing here online and I jumped adn woke up and it felt like my eye's were stuck shut and it was hard to keep awake.

    I would like to hire some one to help clean the house but money is tight and we don't have any extra money. So I am the house keeper and it does take me alot longer to clean the house

    I have had to learn to keep my home clean as I hate houeswork & I didn't clean the house because of it. When the family was younger I didn't clean great at all it was such a struggle to get 3 little girls to clean their tings and put them away when they saw daddy leaving his things on the floor so I quit trying and did't do any house work for a month so that my husband whold learn that he should put his things away didn't work. And he still brings his junk in to the house adn leaves it in my living room and I will have to tell him several time to "MOVE IT OUT OF THIS ROOM" and sometimes he does and like this past week he didn't get it cleaned upafter packing his things to go hunting and left the living room a mess with 2 boxes of books on the floor and papers and his clothes and other things on the couch and floor and I get angry adn made my self really hurt .

    I found out that pushing heavy boxes of books a mot=nth after you have had surgery causes you to have great PAIN and I sat after wards and just bawled like a baby because I hurt so bably and I din't want any one to know that I din't this to my self. I hae hurt since then and I know why . I was told that if I had a job I coudl go back to work 3-5 days after gall bladder surgery but that is not a smart thing to do. And I was told that by a freind who went to work after 3 days and she was in more pain that during the gall bladder atack because she over did it.

    I have had to learn that I hvae other problms with pain and they only get worse when I over do things and cause my body to hurt. I shoud not have pushed the boxes to get the living room cleaned up but I was angry at the husband and I was working off being angry at hima nd now I am still paying for the stupidity of psuhing myself too hard. I called my surgen and was told that I sould have lifted of pushed the heavy boxes because it pulled on the healing inner muscels and IT still does hut. He said that there was not much he could do for me but that it will take me about 6 months to 1 year to be come totally healed and to feel like I should. FUN RIGHT ! NOT.

    So I have been taking it easy today and rested for awhle but I still can feel where the scpes were shoved in to me adn it feels like they left tracks inside of my abdomen. I am sore all over and I don't like it so I will do what my pain doctor said take your meds and rest , don't over do it, and don't push your self to heal like a " NORMAL " Person would do. Because of the fibro adn CMP and the bulging discs adn arthhic knees and wirst I hvae to learn that I can't rush things adn that it will tke me longer to do things adn getting angry over it does not help it justs makes your muscles hurt worse. How I want to be Normal again and be able to do what i want when I want. I miss taking walks with my husband and lifting baby's and being able to work and I can't work anymore because of the wrist . When I fell I shattered it so badly that the doctor thought i would not have much mobility in it and I hvae more than he thought butit aches and I am not as fast typing as I once was. So he has told me that i can't work and it is so hard becuase I read about the jobs inthe paper I see the jobs that I once did and I know that I cna't do them anymore and it really hurts me to know that I won'tbe able to do them again.

    Well I better quit whinning or you won't want to read the posts. I and thankful for all of you and all the kind things that you tell me. YOu are a special group of people.
    I hvae to go and pake a pin pill as my tummy is hurting adn the pain is at a 8 and I can't take much omore of it. See I overdid it again today by loading the washer and dryer and lifting the went clothes from the washer and they pulled on the soreset muscles I have and rightnow I hurt so thanks for all the things you do.
    Love ya,
    sorry for the spelling but my fingers don't work like they should work and they really hurt too.
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    I'm happy to hear that you had a good weekend, even if it was too long!

    I'm sure you enjoyed your family home and was glad to see your hubby back from his hunting trip--his dirty clotes to wash and all! You didn't say if he caught anything, did you?

    You are going to have to watch it and take care of yourself, honey! You can't go around being superwoman after just having surgery!!

    You are allowed to whine after having surgery, while you're in pain, having a house full of people, etc.!!!

    Please take it easy and take good care of yourself,
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    Hi all,
    My hubby went hunting for 8 days and he is home now as he shot his deer . It is the black powder season and he got a 2 point deer and gave it to some one who wwill eat it.

    He had a great time on his trip and being withhis friends too. I am glad that he is home. But like I said I have over done it with cleaning the house. And I still hurt from the gall bladder surgery I had a month and a half ago. I have spoken to the surgen and he told me to expect that I would still have pain as long as a year after this surgery, since I have Chronic meyofacial pain syndrome and the fashia is tying it's self in to knots so it makes the pain last longer.And having the fibro just adds to the discomfort ,{ although I don't know why doctors call pain "discomfort" because it hurts } I have spoken with my pain control doctor too and I do have meds for this pain . HE is in control of all my pain meds and does a grat job of keeping me as pain free as possiable. I should be resting adn not doing laundry. I should not be lifting anything heavy and not vaccuming but since there is NO ONE else to do it I have to do it some times.

    I wish that my body would be normal instead of having condititions that people think are not real. And it up sets the family to have me taking pain pills. AS they don't think that I am in that much pain . And they don't understand what fibro and CMP are. There are no tests that will show you that this is what you have and mu husband is a person that needs to beable to see it on paper so that he knows what is wrong with me.

    Well off to fix dinner , I will chat later on hugs to all.

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