Goodbye Everyone...I love you all who have loved me.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Francey54, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Francey54

    Francey54 New Member

    Hello Dear Friends:

    It is difficult for me to write this as I am feeling so sad. I as everyone else have noticed in the past week or so a lot of tension, hurt feelings and misunderstandings on the board. The dynamics have changed and this is something that I feel was sparked in part unintentionally by me. Not that I ever wrote anything hurtful to anyone but this is something that has hit me very hard.

    I have loved coming hear every day for the last three months and I felt so at home here with many of you. You have helped me through my sadnesses and depressions, we rallied behind the people and animals after Katrina and showed each other how much we care and love our fellow beings who are in pain. You have cheered me on in my times of happiness too.

    I in turn have comforted you dear ones in your times of distress and I wrote you poems to let you know how much I cared about you. So many have responded in kind and I am so grateful to those who have.

    Please know that those who were closest to me and I will name a few, leenerbups, bluerose, stacey, regina, gongee, faye, nancy, misticbrit, pianowoman, 2painful4words, badluck, jih, suzetal, mikie, shirl and forgive me I just can't remember the rest (fibrofog, but you know who you are), I hold dear to my heart and pray that each and everyone of you as the days pass feel in someway better and better.

    God Bless you, you will always be in my prayers and I hope that someday I can once again come back and share with you.

    Much love and many tender hugs,

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  2. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Hi Francey,

    I'm sorry you're so hurt. There are lots of us new people around who gain so much from your care and support. I really hope you will be able to just take a break (like for a few hours) then come back. The board is a way more interesting place with two of us here.


  3. Francey54

    Francey54 New Member

    How could I have forgotten to mention you. Please forgive me hom, you are so sweet too.

    God Bless.
  4. badluck

    badluck New Member

    I'm sorry you are feeling this way-I have noticed the issues you mentioned, but I've noticed people around me seem to be more tense, too. This is not just a "board thing". And it is certainly nothing caused by you-directly or indirectly. I hope you don't feel you have to leave because of doing something wrong.

    Please consider taking a few weeks break and then coming back to us "fresh". Maybe things will have calmed down here by then. I've notice that people get crabby and almost frantic towards the end of summer. Not sure why, but maybe that is some of what has happened here. Please come back from time to time to let us know you are OK. We really do care and will miss you very much. God Bless you and keep you safe.
  5. ckk

    ckk New Member

    i always hear (read) after the fact that someone has been hurt by a post or did something wrong.....i must be really stupid! if i said ANYTHING at all to hurt your feelings in anyway i am soooooo very sorry. i did not mean to. i am not sure what is going on but if i did do something could you please accept my appology? and if somebody else said something to upset you maybe you could talk it over with that person, please do not leave, i consider everyone here very important and without you we are losing part of the family. please reconsider. thank you for "listening". take care and have a good nite.
    ps i also have to add: that i put up questions i feel often, and it seems to me that hardly anybody ever answers them and to be honest that makes me a little sad, but the other day i put something up for orachel and yet again it got taken off or whatever and then i asked it again and i noticed that lollie stepped up and helped me out! i really appreciated that. it made me feel like oh maybe some people are listening. so, hang in there we care.[This Message was Edited on 09/22/2005]
  6. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    Please don't leave . . I must have missed the posts that you are referring to regarding tension, etc.

    A break may be good, I've done that just to kind of "get away", but then come back and let us know how you are doing. In the past, I've noted tensions, etc. between people. I've learned to ignore the posts that are really negative to others or to me. I've also seen nice people become offended and leave. I can honestly say that when I first started, I became offended at some of the posts that were so "anti-medical." When that happened, I had to "back off."

    What I do on the board now is basically share what's helping me or ask for help with something. I also scan through posts to learn new ideas and simply disregard the posts that are irrelevant to me. Being part of the board has helped me to learn about myself soooo much. I'll write something down and ask the board. After I read what I've written and some of the responses, sometimes "light bulbs go on in my head." I have even copied posts off to put in my ongoing diary.

    I think if you just back away for a short time and then come back to the board and look at it like a sharing and learning tool, you may have less "burnout" and feel better about the experience.

    Just my thoughts.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette
  7. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    so like ckk, I guess I'm wondering what has changed. I think there is much love and support in the posts that I have seen. There are so many differing opinions and approaches to FM/ CFS and living in general. I think that helps facilitate learning in those who are seeking and strengthens the resolve of those who need to hear they are not the only ones who feel the way they do... I hope that makes sense!

    I have appreciated your input on the boards and hope that I have not contributed to the changing dynamics...

    Hoping you change your mind,
  8. Beckula

    Beckula New Member

    I have left quite a few boards (off topic type) because I was just overstressed and I understand you probably need a break. Most of us aren't going anywhere. Take a break for a week, two weeks, or a month and come back, see how you feel...I know how hard it is to lose a support system like this.

    ((((((gentle HUGS)))))
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  9. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I don't know you but I have been a member here for about two years. I want to say, I hope you are feeling better soon. Many of us are very sensitive and especially it is hard when we are sick on top of it.

    I had my feelings hurt once and it was terrible. I did stay away from the boards for a while. It is too bad when that happens because the "board" is a great help to each of us.

    For whatever it is worth, I am sorry you were hurt. I hope you can get past this and go on with us here.

    Love to you...
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  10. Francey54

    Francey54 New Member

    What can I say????

    You are such great people and I appreciate your not wanting me to leave. As Stomyskye said it must be the "full moon". Also, maybe some transiting Saturn in my house of emotions is causing my grief.

    Sharon and Carlene; I really appreciate your input. I think I really needed to hear from both of you. Thank you.

    I will take a breather and will see around in the future.

    I leave you my friends with this:

    May God shine his love on you...
    in everywhere you go and everything you do..

    As you struggle with your FM and CFS.....
    feeling others don't understand this strange illness....

    Know that in my eyes, the members and moderators of are all truly... the best!!

    Hasta la vista,
  11. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    I for one will miss you.Please take a little vaca.

    Then come back.We need each other.

  12. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    To leave us here. I have been posting about me and whining but your post just touched me so much, please so leave a place where you have found some comfort and good friends. You sound like you have been gifted with great friendships, so stay a little llonger and maybe things will work out and what was asaid will fade as you are loved and respected.

    I have read the posts that have followed yours and I can feel the love your friends have for you so please stay and let me get to know you better. You sound so kind and full of comfort and all that is good. I don't know what or who said what ever it was that hurt you so deeply. I am so sorry for the pain that you have suffered.

    Take care of yourself. and remember that you have many friends here wanting you to stay.
    HUgs Rosemarie
  13. Mareeok

    Mareeok New Member

    ...joined this site months ago so I could have gotten to know you. It's obvious you are very special to a lot of people here. Please don't go away for too long.

  14. JLH

    JLH New Member

    and I do mean "dear". I was so saddened when I logged on tonight and your post was at the top of the list. I was shocked when I read the topic "Goodbye Everyone"!

    As I started reading it, you mentioned that you thought something that you unintentionally did may be the reason why you want to leave. I am flabbergasted!!!

    I must have been living under the sea, or I am just dumb as a rock, because I don't have any idea what you are talking about! Whatever it is, can bygones by bygones? Let us all shake hands and start anew?

    You are a dear friend, please don't go. I will miss you terribly. You write such lovely poems. I need you to stay, and so do so many others.

    I hope you do just take a couple weeks off, or however many are needed, for a little break, then rejoin us. Please, please!

    I, too, have gotten a little discouraged here, and did not participate much, but missed my friends, so I figured that I was the one losing out. Coming here everyday is important to me. I always pray that if just ONE reply that I make to someone will help them, then I will be thrilled. Because, I have learned so much from others on this board--that I want someone to learn something from me.

    I'll keep you in my thoughts until you return.

    Please take of yourself,

  15. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I hope your break from us is short lived~

    You've answered a few posts of mine too,..and your comments
    (whatever they may have been at the time)FOG!
    You've been such a caring person,..and helped me thru some tough days~ I just want you to know that you've been a true fibro friend to alot of us!
    We will miss your input terribly! so please take some time and maybe reconsider??? please?
    What could possibly be so hurtful as to make you wanna leave all us others who do care and who do want you to stay on?
    Hugs/blessings :)
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    My prayers are with you. Please take good care of yourself and when you are ready, come back knowing that you have many friends here who care about you.

    Love, Mikie
  17. KJ2003

    KJ2003 New Member

    I don't know you yet and I don't know why you want to leave but what I do know is that judging from the replies from your post, you would be one who would be sorely missed.

    Forgiveness we might need from others (and need to give, at times) is only a breath away and if there is one thing I have come to learn about the folks on this message board in the 2+ years I have been here, it is that this forum is filled with big hearts and big spirits.

    Like any family (even an Internet family), there's always going to be problems but, I really do believe, if you give it a little time and work through the hurt, the moment will change and you'll, again, find the reasons why you love it here.

    I hope you stay because I would like to know someone who gets this many replies.

    Chin up,


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    you cannot be leaving us now!!!!!

    Please just take a break for awhile....we all need a break from things now and then....I can totally understand that.

    But Please don't leave us for good..ok..OK...OK

    I look forward to seeing and reading your post!!! You are very much loved and thought of here.

    So take some time away and I look forward to seeing you post again, when your feeling upto it.

    ((((((((Big Gentle Hugs)))))))) & Prayers
  19. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    I'm so sorry that you are hurt. I'll admit I missed whatever conflict occurred, but I want you to know that it would be great if you would reconsider.

    I know from experience that sometimes what people write sounds harsher than it would if they said it, only because they are not natural writers. Then, some people just don't have conmpassion, even though they, themselves are suffering.

    You have a good heart. Please don't deprive us of your compassion.

    If you are still leaving - good luck and happness.


  20. KJ2003

    KJ2003 New Member

    To back up what the previous post says, I also know that communication on here can be highly misinterpreted. I know that my boss and I have written emails where I thought he meant one thing (and I bounded into his office) only to find out he meant something else entirely and there was no type of ill-will or anything when he was typing the email.

    This happens all of the time so, perhaps, (again, I don't know) things may not be as bad as they seem to be.

    Maybe everyone involved should start a thread and work all of this out and hug each other. Whatever the cause, everyone needs healing from this situation.

    Just trying to help.



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