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    Hi, just wondering - the compounding pharmacist here in aus quoted AU$60 for 100 1mg capsules of LDN (im starting at 2mg then go to 3 if no bad effect) i think thats about US$37 or so. Bout a months worth @ 3mg a day. Is this about right or too dear?

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    ...Sorry to but in here, but thought u might like to compare what I pay in the UK for ldn - £49/30day supply/3mg, plus £4.50 postage.
    Best wishes
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    No worries, thanks nickname

    Chris :)
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    I was qoated that LDN in the US was anywhere from $32.00 to $42.00 per prescription of 30 pills and higher if the dosage was 4.5 mg. $60.00 sounds like too much.

    I changed my pharmacy and have it mailed to me free of charge. Since I am disabled I make a co-payment of only $2.96 a month. I am lucky in this respect. Without that I simply could not afford the Naltrexone because I need thyroid and blood pressure pills and a few others.

    Search around for prices in various pharmacies. This is suppose to be an inexpensive drug according to the web site for LDN. Have a good pain free day everyone.