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  1. mrdad

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    It will lead you to a page for a YOU TUBE video stream(s)

    concerning this timely subject! Documentary account of past

    and current events regarding LYME information and disinform-

    ation. I think you'll find it very worthwhile!

  2. mrdad

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    Take a look at this Video Kids. It's interesting and

    perhaps "timely" for some.

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    honestly, it's heartbreaking...

    on the bright side I read an article about a woman archer who had Lyme and was partially blinded by it amongst other symptoms... she has recovered and is now in the Olympics. Not sure what she did, but guessing IV abx. They should do a movie about her.

    MrDad... sorry, my mind is blank, it's late... can't remember if you went ahead and got the WB done and/or what the results were and/or if you saw a LLMD and/or were trying anything for it on your own or under supervision?

    LOL sorry, that was one heckuva run-on question! My English teachers would've flunked me for that!

    buenos noches....
  4. mrdad

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    ----as an "Old" former teacher, what I'm gonna do with you!

    Think I'm gonna half two bring ya up to the front of the class

    first row, with note book and pencil in hand!

    But I'll forgive you this time, "Veronica"!

    Are you settled into Medico yet? I'm on the hurry up and wait

    "agenda", Yes, was found positive by Igenex but probably not

    according to CDC definition. Did 400 mg's of Doxy for 28

    days (2x) and think they are "done" with me if they are fol-

    lowing CDC recommendations! Hema Doc has requested that my

    CNP find me an Infectious Disease Doc. Should know next

    week or two.(?)(?) Been reading some books on the subject,

    that is, what's available!!! Not much. Fresh new book is

    out I have on hold at the Library, so new it isn't even in

    Yet! "Cure Unknown" Pamela Weintraub. Sounds encouraging

    doesn't it? Glad you have your 'puter setup and are back in

    the frey!

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  5. victoria

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    I'm slowly settling in and acclimating - between the food, elevation, and inevitable crash after the push to get here, I *think* I'm starting to get more normal days, ie, at least a few hours of some energy. The first few weeks even if I'd had computer access regularly, I couldn't post anyway due to fatigue!

    If I were you, I would go to an LLMD... you know of course the political controversy over the IDSA's guidelines of 28 days... and you have some good ones in California. I really hope you take advantage of that, so many have to travel so far to see one.

    right now my DH is driving with our son back 'home' - initially it was for other reasons, but we really began to realize he needed to check in and be re-evaluated so he will also see his LLMD... they are likely to be gone for 3 weeks as they're driving.

    (Nope, I'm not all alone, have my 4 puppies (which was my excuse to stay as I really didn't want to drive 4,000 miles round-trip!) but also my landlady and we have become friends, she lives in a separate wing of her house that we're renting.)

    take care, hope you get some answers from a realllly good qualified LLMD clinican!

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