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    Hi Gordon,

    I'm just testing to see if I can get a screen shot of my PAINT program.

    Below is a screen shot of what my PAINT program looks like. I can't get it to zoom in better! (Edit-- Well, I wonder what happened! LOL If you click on the PAINT image, it will zoom in, for a closer look.)

    Up in the left corner near the very top is an icon with a down arrow. Click on that.

    Then click on OPEN. That should show you a list of files (pics) that you want to open. Click (or double click?) on the correct file.

    You should then see the pic in the view box.

    OK go back up to the top left of the screen.

    Second from the left, you should see an option for "Resize". Click once on that.

    Then you'll see options for Horizontal and Vertical. Those are the features that I mess with -- if the pic is very large, sometimes I have to go to 65 or less, to get the pic to PH standards. I always use one number, 90 horiz will resize to 90 vertical, etc. I don't want to skew the image, which can be done by selecting something like 100 horiz/32 vertical. LOL

    Next, that icon with the down arrow that I mentioned earlier. Click on it again. Choose either SAVE or SAVE AS. Mostly I use save as, if it's a personal photo, so that I don't lose the original size, etc.

    For PH, mostly if I'm playing a game, etc., I'll probably use SAVE -- such as, LILY-PHpic -- then PAINT will update the original image on my laptop.

    I know, this is a lot to digest! It takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, it's really a "voila" moment!

    Let me know if you have any questions! I'd be happy to try to assist!

    Good luck!

    Here's that screenshot I mentioned earlier, of what I see when I view PAINT.

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    Hi Diane

    Gordon read your post. Said it was a lot to take in. He is going to review it
    tomorrow. He had a busy day with errands (including one in a different city) and
    the handy man being here.

    Then he played or watched some sort of Mario Brothers game which seemed
    to revive the motion sickness he sometimes had as a kid. Said he had a
    headache and flashing spots before the eyes. Anywho, he plans to see if he
    can make some progress with PAINT tomorrow. ("But tomorrow is already
    here," as some folks say when it gets past midnight.) Ernest Tubb wrote
    a hit song called "Tomorrow Never Comes" back in the 40s.

    He did note that your screen and ours are different when in the PAINT mode.

    I believe one has to be young to comprehend all this high tech stuff. Of
    course, what is high tech has varied with the times. High tech items
    from the past include the plow, the horseshoe, the fireplace, the atom bomb,
    silly putty, canned food and sliced bread.

  3. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi Rock!

    Thanks for replying. I figured it would take some reading ... if you never used Paint before, it is confusing. I was using Paint almost every day, when we were playing the What/Where In The World games. Almost every other pic that I wanted to use for the game was "TOO LARGE." So I had a lot of practice.

    I sure hope Gordon feels better soon!

    Do you guys use Windows 7 for your computer operating system? If it's something else, like Windows Vista, or Windows 2000, etc., the screen will look different. You'll be using an earlier version of Paint than I use. Like I said, I use Windows 7 on my laptop.

    **In a nutshell, the basics are,

    Look for FILE > OPEN.

    Click on the name of the pic.

    Look for RESIZE. Set the new horizontal and vertical dimensions. Like 95/95, 90/90, 85/85, 80/80, etc.

    Click on FILE again. Look for SAVE (to save the original pic to the new specs), or SAVE AS (if you want to rename the pic -- you'll have to type in a new name, like FLOWER-TEST).

    After SAVING, try to repost the pic to ProHealth. If the pic is still TOO LARGE, RESIZE it again, with lesser dimensions. And RE-SAVE it! Then try to repost. Etc.

    Good luck, Gordon!

  4. rockgor

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    Sorry i've not reply to your instructions sooner as i've been recovering from the dizzy spell
    and have not have the concentration needed. i know we have window 6 or 7 as the paint
    screen you provided looks different. hopefully, i'll find the tabs needed to start.

    thanks for taking the time in providing the written instructions (much needed) and i'll let
    you know if i should run into any 'roadblocks'. once i've master the process i'll be able to
    post better photos for everyone to view.

    thanks again.