Gosh I'm bummed

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    I was one of the very lucky ones when my DD was first diagnosed. I'd only had sever symptoms about 3 months before I went to a new internist. On my very first visit (after tests, lots of questions and lots of poking) she diagnosed me with FM. (I had never even heard of it before) She just happened to be a reumatoligist (sp?) too, so she knew what she was talking about.

    My treatment was going good (not great yet) but I knew we were moving in the right direction. She would spend about an hour with me each visit and WE would decide on the next step. She was wonderful.

    So why, you ask, am I so bummed? Because she has stopped practicing. She had major back problems and had surgery and has not decided not to resume her practice. BUMMED!!

    Does anyone know another great doctor in St. Louis?