Got a great surprise on Valentines morning big shock

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Feb 15, 2007.

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    It as about 8am yesterday morning when the phone rang at my house, I was sleeping still and not to thrilled to be awakened by the shrill ring of the phone at my bed side.
    A man asked if I was {real name} and I said that I was. He went on to say Happy Valentines Day.

    I am calling to tell you that you have been approved for disability. I gasped and asked him to please repeat what he had just told me. HE did.

    He said that I had met all the requriements for SS disability and that the date of my disability had been determined as of May 2006. Then he went on to say that I would be getting a back payment of just over $1000.00 then he suggested that it would be better for me to have direct diposit for as he was not comfortable in sending out a check that was over $1,000.

    I agreeed and asked what I needed to do. I gave him my checking account number and it is all set up . I will get getting my monthly alotment on the 3rd Wed of each month. It is not a huge amount but it is better than nothing.

    I had asked him for proof of who he was and where he was working and he gave it to me . I said to him that this is the first time I have tried to qualify for SS Disablitity and from what I had heard NO one ever gets it on the 1st try. But I did. I did not have a lawyer or any other help .

    I am in complete shock still as I had not thought that I would get it so soon. I applied just over a year ago and I had seen their doctor last may and in Jan of this year I had x-rays taken of both knee's. I had just gone to my pain doctor on Monday and we had talked about the percentage of disability he thought I had. It was around 30% total body disability and I needed to have 8 or 9% to qualify for it.

    So you can understand just how shocked I was when I recieved that phone call. The nice man told me that I won't be elegiable for medicare for at least 2 years from the date of disabiltiy so I will have to wait for it for a while . But I can't tell you just how surpised I am to get this news.

    I called later on and asked that they take out some of the alotment for fed. taxes so that along with my hubby's income and this income we would not owe alot of money in taxes. But I am not sure that I had them take out enough . But I can call and they will send me a form to change the amount I want deducted from my checks.

    I called the SS yesterday to make sure that what I had been told was real as I felt like it had been a dream since I was so sleepy when he called me in the moning. And every thing he told me is true . I am so surprized and shocked and words don't come to my mind to say how shocked I really am. I know that it takes a long time to get disabiltiy and it took my sister over 2 years and having a lawyer helping her for her to qualifiy for it.I have a good friend who's husband had a anerisum{SP} behind his heart and surgery can't be done on it because of the location of the anerisum. I called her yesterday and told her about it and she went on to tell me that her husband had been denied even with such a serious condititon like he has on his first try. But yet I got it on my first try. I am still in shock.

    I will be getting a letter to verifiy all that he told me in a few days and my first alotment will be direct depoisted in my bank by the end of the month he hopes. and then I will be getting payments on each 3rd wed of the month . I knew that my body was not so great but I did n't see this comming at all.

    So you can get SS disablitiy on your first try. Teh man I spoke with said that it happened more than people think it does. I told him that I didn't know of any one who had got it on their frist try . So that was why I was so shocked and surprised.

    Still in shock,
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    What an awesome Valentine's day surprise! Congratualations!

    God Bless!
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    That is awesome news - I'm sooo happy for you. As I'm getting ready to submit my disability application, it's also VERY encouraging news to the rest of us. I hope that mine moves as quickly as yours did :)

    Anyway - so happy for you, Rosemarie!!
    That was a GREAT Valentine's surprise!
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  5. twerp

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    I only wish that everyone here could be so fortunate!

  6. SweetT

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    there was an article in my local paper that said the reason that some caseworkers deny disability, knowing that a person is disabled, is that they don't fill out the paperwork correctly. So I guess you did Rosemarie!
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    Great news to hear so early in the morning.
  8. bewell4

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    i am celebrating for you!

    also, i am very surprised that it takes 2 years to get medicade-- what?! are you sure? what in the world do people on disability do to cover medical expenses while waiting for coverage?!
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    What a happy Valentine's Day you had!

    Yes, you won't have to pay taxes. I get a little over $1000 per month and I don't have to pay taxes.
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    I am soooooo happy for you! I have read so many of your messages, and often have prayed for you as you have had a very difficult time of it.

    I know from personal experience that this validation, not to mention to money, will be helpful in giving you some peace and serenity.

    Use it to do something really nice for you and your both deserve a break!

    Bless you, dear one,
  11. ayhatch

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    What wonderful news and how sweet that it was on Valentine's Day. You'll have extra reason to celebrate every year now.

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