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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Feb 3, 2011.

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    My PC got a bad virus and while I was able to restore it, it just wasn't working well. I downloaded my personal files to a flash drive and got rid of it. I hooked up my old laptop, which was eight years old, as my workhorse computer in my office. I got a new Toshiba laptop to keep in the livingroom, or wherever I want to use it. I also got a new, more secure, router. After much swearing, I was able to get my wi-fi enabled printer to accept print commands from the new laptop wirelessly.

    I looooove Windows 7 but then, I liked the old Windows XP. It's just that 7 is so much more intuitive. It's like it knows what I want to do. Spooky! The new computers come stripped down, so I still have to install Windows Office Works and make my operating system restore discs. I want to hook up my Wii to the wi-fi--might as well. I can stream movies from Netflix on it. Or, I could just from my laptop. It has an HDMI port to connect it to the TV.

    I didn't want to spend the money but it's time. Technology is in another warp-speed advance. I hated it when I had no internet there for a while.

    Love, Mikie
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    For your replies.

    Diane, I thought about getting a notebook and HP is a good one. My old lapttop is an HP/Compaq and still going strong. I probably could have gotten by with it but somehow, it wouldn't access the wi-fi which is, for me, a must. I need to be able to wander around with my laptop. Notebooks do most everything one needs. I only got the full size with DVD/CD drive because I only get new computers every 8 or 9 years and I wanted one which will do it all. I think the tablets, like the iPad, will eventually take over for laptops. Problem with them, and some of the electronic readers, is that you end up paying at last $30 a month to acess the web. Same for the new smart phones. I envy your being married to a geek. They are great.

    Julie, thanks for your good wishes. All wi-fi does is provide wireless access to the web so you can work anywhere on the signal without being wired in. Having a wi-fi prnter means I can send a print command from my laptop in the livingroom and hear it printing out on my printer in my little office. I'm not really tech savvy, hence, the swearing, but when this stuff works right, it's like magic.

    Jam, I'm not one who has to have the latest either. Perhaps if I could afford it, I would be :) I've been using the same phone for three years and it drives Verizon nuts. They keep trying to get me to buy a new phone, or let them give me one free, just to get that juicy two-year contract. I'm month to month new. This phone is about the size of a credit card but thicker. It does all kinds of things but isn't a smart phone with apps. I will probably get a smart phone when I upgrade but that isn't going to be anytime soon. It will have to wait until I pay off this laptop. CompUSA charges no interest and gave me a year to pay it off. It's less painful that way.

    I've been in a flare of "Take a Wild Guess" for a while. It comes and goes but in't FMS symptoms. In fact, the FMS symptoms have been replaced by what appears to be Sjogren's but isn't full blown at this time. I am keeping on top of the symptoms except for dizzyness and fatigue. The fatigue is almost as bad as it was at its worst with CFIDS. There is nothing to be done about it except to rest. I know my neighbors think I'm nuts. I've been holing up in my condo for days.

    Wishing everyone good health and good computing.

    Love, Mikie

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    Glad you like your new computer. My HP laptop still works great. I just started getting on the internet using CLEAR (instead of my Cricket plug in devise). Basically the whole Chicago area is one big hotspot with CLEAR so they just sent me a router. My room mate gets the internet thru my router too. No extra charge. We can use the internet at the same time too. A good deal for $35/mo. It's 4 G. Very fast. Unlimited gigabyte use too (unlike Cricket).
    I also just got Netflix Instant. Unlimited online movies for $8/mo. I've watched 18 movies and documentaries in the first week ... so it's a great deal.
    Sounds like you're really happy with your new set up.
    Shirl has an Iphone and an Ipad ... and doesn't want either one. Ha! (you know who gave them to her .. LOL)
    This crazy technology is moving too fast for me. (it does have it's benefits tho. Especially since I'd otherwise be being isolated from the world).
    Hope you're feeling better and stronger very soon.
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    You said you - listen to COMPUTER PROGRAMS ON YOUR RADIO. I had to read that twice.
    Kind of confused me for a few seconds 'cause I do the opposite.
    Technology is getting so confusing.
    Now days you can TALK to someone ... using your Computer,
    and then TYPE them a message ... using your Telephone.
    It's backwards. LOL
    (and then watch TV or a movie using your laptop or mobile telephone/computer thingy).
    lol : )
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    Now I'm even more confused than I was before, and thought that was bad!! Lol... thanks, guys!

    Mikie, you're amazing in 'my world'! I'm so happy you have your new computer, and know you must have felt very lost without one that worked well. Heck, my DD came home one weekend and set me up on FB. Told me, then left! It took me an entire week to figure out what I was doing, and I could have strangled her...haha. The first time she popped up on there to chat I had to call her on the phone and say, "Okay, what do I do?" She thought it was hilarious and laughed for days.

    I so understand your fatigue. This winter seems to be worse for me than it's been in the past 7 years....comparable to the first horrible year or so. Resting gets old fast, doesn't it? Especially when 'inside' we still want to have a life! Hope you get things figured out regarding the Sjogren's and can decide what to do next. Hugs.....Jole
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    Jim, good for you! I will likely get Netflix when summer comes, the snowbirds have gone home, and there's nothing on but reruns. Can't find where I was listening to the computer on my radio but I could have said it. I am not a techie by nature but I try to do my best out of necessity. I had so much trouble hooking up my wi-fi until I did enough troubleshooting to discover the new modem was bad. I hooked up my old one and everything just took off and is running great. Again, though, it involved a lot of work and swearing. Seems I can't get away from it.

    My neighbor's husband just died and she couldn't get his PC up and running and we couldn't find the password for his wi-fi. Another neighbor and I spent the better part of the day buying a new laptop for her and setting up her new router. I got it installed but it wouldn't get online. Again, after much troubleshooting, I found a frayed ethernet cable. I put a new one on it and, voila, it was up and running like a champ. Whew! Technology is great when it works but it means we all have to try to keep up. Don't know whether or not I'll get an iPhone when I upgrade to a smart phone. The Android phones are catching up fast. I'm in no hurry as long as this phone continues to work so well. I have a Kindle and love it. Most people love their i-Pads but I can't afford the thing in the first place and the monthly fees to run one. Maybe I'll win the LOTTO :) Glad you're enjoying your Netflix; it a great deal.

    Jole, I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well . A lot of people have had some bad flares this winter. The Jet Stream has been moving a lot and it's been one storm system after another. That is hard on us as the barometric pressure changes rapidly. I was inside resting for four days last week. I keep telling my neighbors that what I have isn't fatal but they still worry and check on me. Yesterday and today, I've had more energy. The Sjogren's symptoms have let up quite a bit but are still hanging around. It's not bad enough to get a daignosis at this point. So, I treat the symptoms as best I can and just wait it out. I think it hit out of the blue with a big flare which is receding. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the FMS symptoms have actually improved--a silver lining. Still, the fatigue has been as bad as it's ever been at times since this new thing hit.

    Thank you both for your posts. I'm sending some prayers and hugs your way.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Puddleglum

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    I wanted to try Netflix & Hulu. Think I spelled that right. But mine & DH tv is not compatible for that. We are the last couple in US that does not have a flat screen. :)

    I am tired of the monster cable bill. We watch about 10 channels out of 80. :-((

    If you try Hulu let us know. I found they have most of the "few" sitcoms I ever watch.

    Sorry to hear Shirl is not doing well. When you do hear from her....send best wishes.

  8. Puddleglum

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    I love talk radio...often I get more newsworthy info than the govt owned media.

    Clark Howard recommends HD radio. I have been looking into that. You do not have to subscribe (fee) but I have found most of the HD need to buy them online. You can get so many more talk programs than just your standard radio. I would love more choice in programming, cause there are so many good people that have shows now I would love to hear.

  9. Mikie

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    Yes, cable rates are awful; they are worse where I live than in large cities. I only have basic digital service but have to pay extra for my HD box and it's only on one set. Those with satellite service get HD on all their sets. We cannot put satellite dishes on the bldg. outside. Right now, it doesn't matter because I only have one HD set out of four but in the future, when all sets are HD, it would be horribly expensive to put an HD box on every one. It is almost a necessity to have an HD box because just digital looks awful on an HD TV. I believe in the future, all TV will be delivered through wi-fi and we will not have cable boxes nor satellite dishes.

    I haven't gone to Netflix or used Hulu but will check them out. Probably this summer. Right now, my Snowbird friends are all down and it's nonstop activities all day long. I've been gone since 9:00 this morning and it's 6:45 now. Also, this summer, there will be nothing but reruns on and I'll want to watch movies. Of course, we've had a lot of reruns already lately.

    I haven't hooked up my Wii to wi-fi but if I do, I can get Netflix directly. I can also get it on my laptop and either watch them on the computer or use the HDMI cable to watch them on the TV.

    Don't know when I'll hear from Shirl. I think maybe JimB hears from her now and then.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Granniluvsu

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    Now I know where to come if I have questions on the computer :)!! Luckily, our son is also a techie and knows all about computers. He even has our computer hooked up to his some way so sometimes he can fix problems from his computer at home. However, he doesn;t always have the time to come up here where we live.

    I don't know lots but I do know some of the basics, some things more than DH which is shocking. I am on more than he so that is why I know some things better. He is on here mostly to check on stocks and some Knights of Columbus stuff.

    Good luck on your new laptop. We got one too awhile ago. It i great but like you said sometimes it is spooky - it knows where you want to go.

    Have fun with your new computer. I may be calling you if I have more problems esp if you are not working anywmore. I could become an eternal PEST :)!!!

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    Congrats on your laptop! It's on my list of Things-I-would-love-to-get, but can't afford one right now. My desktop computer is on a rather large desk in my living room and I'm very tired of all the space it takes up .... but it works great, so I count my blessings.

    My sister bought a Toshiba laptop and loves it too. Seems to be a good brand.

    My kids gave me a wii machine for my birthday last year, and now I can stream netflix movies, am very spoiled. My son talked me through setting up a wireless router. I don't think I could have done it without his help. What I really want to do is some of the sports/exercise wii games, but that will have to wait until I improve a bit.

    Anyways, I am impressed by your technical expertise! and perseverance ... mine usually involves a lot of swearing, and when I am really stumped I do call one of my out-of-state sons who can usually talk me down.

  12. Mikie

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    Jam, I answered you under your post about getting a new PC. sounds to me as though you know what you want and need. Laptops have their advantages--mobility and they take up a lot less room--but if you don't need one, why not just stick with a PC.

    Granni, if only you could see me messing with this technology stuff and swearing like a sailor, you probably wouldn't want to consult with me on anything :) Actually, if they hadn't sold me a lousy modem, the new wi-fi install probably would have gone much more smoothly. Glad you like your new laptop.

    Mary, I have yet to connect my Wii to the wi-fi. I can also get Netflix to my laptop and with an HDMI cable, I can watch them on the TV. I can also use my TV as a huge screen for the computer but I don't see the advantage. I haven't used my Wii for working out or gaming in ages. Until I can see the new doc and, hopefully, get some relief, this fatigue prevents my doing much of anything.

    I don't know about all y'all, but Comcast is going 100 percent digital and we all have to hook up tiny digital boxes to all our TV's. I don't have to do the large one in the livingroom because it already has an HD box on it. I have three other old TV's throughout the condo so I had to install them. Along with the installation comes programming each remote to sync with each different brand of TV. I got it done and went online to activate them. It's a miracle that they are all working. They are small but put out a lot of head. I have to wonder how much electricity they are using. Yikes!

    BTW, as far as affording my new laptop--I got it at CompUSA and, like many retailers, they are giving me a year to pay it off interest free. I need new tires and the belts are showing some wear. The vehicle is 8 yrs. old so I have to expect some expense for it. Also, the injections I'll probably be taking aren't FDA approved so I'll have to cover them at $300 a whack every month for 10 months. Again--Yikes! Tire stores will give you interest-free credit but I'm goin to get mine at the dealership. In May, they will be having a "buy four, get one free" sale on tires. I'll have to pay for them there in total. Still, their prices are even better than the tire stores here so I might as well get them where I have everything else done.

    If we're not worrying about our health, we're worrying about money, neither of which are good for us. Not complainin' though; I feel very blessed.

    Love, Mikie