Got a New Scooter for my Anniv. (long)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bruin63, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    The DH & I will have been married for 25 yrs next month.
    It's been a long hard battle, some due to our Wild lifestyle at the begining, and then due to my gettting all these Medical conditions.

    We actually split up, for 5 or 6 years, but still staying married, and talking every day, and trying to work though the whole puzzle.
    Neither one of us cheated on the other, which was a big Trust issue with me.

    I kept driving every couple of months to n from Idaho, where he was still living. His Family too, which, of course added fuel to the fire. They thought I was trying to control him by pretending to be sick, Yeah right, grr!

    At first I enjoyed the traveling back and forth, untill one day, I had a Real Fibro experience that really scared me.
    I was on Hwy395/95 in Nv. just outside of Hawthorne, and headed towards Falon, well I got to this part of the road, where it looked the same on both sides, and I could not remember where I was and where I was going, in which direction.
    I pulled over and sat there and cried, till I could give it some thought.
    I headed to Falon, got a Motel, and had a melt down.

    I told my DH that this was the last time I would drive that by myself, I have been driving that Route, from Ca. to Idaho, for 33 years.

    So we reduced the trips to 3 a year and he would fly down to get me then drive me up, I would go ahead and drive back on my own. Not to stressful that way.

    We finally got a dx of FMS, that was in Oct. of 2000, and I started my research on the computer he had gotten me, so we could stay in touch easier. It was his Sister's, and got it cheap. His favorite price, lol.

    Well I found this board, right after that, it'll 5 years in Oct. and I started posting the first of Nov.
    It's been an eventful experience, I have meet some really Great People, and some have moved on, but I stay in touch by e-mail. We used to be able to put them up, way back when. ;o)

    I learn a lot, and I hope that I have been of help to others as they have been helpful and encouraging to me.

    I used to be a Dancer, and now I can hardly walk any distance or for any length of time.
    Last year, my Brother, who is in the NH, gave me his Blue Scooter, it's an old, Victory, but I love it, it hauls, you know what, ;o>

    Well last Sunday we were watching our favorite home shopping network, on tv, and they had this Scooter, it's a Phantom , and RED, yeah. has a new leather seat too.
    It's not as sturdy as the Victory, so I will have to watch the corners. I admit I drive at the "Hare" setting most of the time.

    This one is so, He can put it in the cartrunk, and leave it there so when we do go somewhere, he can take it out of the trunk, and snap it togeather, it's really easy.
    And He won't have to Push me in my Regular wheelchair.
    I found that at a Yard sale, Cheap, my favorite price too.

    The reason he was able to get it, is because he has Been pulling OT for months now, just so he could buy me something really nice. Like the Red Scooter I have wanting been wanting for years.

    Guess there won't be any Diamonds, lol, lol, just kidding, I can hardly wear rings these days anyway.

    Now my problem, should I give the Older Scooter away? I know of a few people in this Mobile Home Park that could use it, really bad.
    Should I have a drawing?
    I won't sell it as it was a gift to me, you know?

    I hope no one will take this as bragging,, please, as I have Earned this, I do Believe, I have put up with so much, in the past, and now, the DH is doing his best to make it up to me.

    He finally moved here, 3 years ago, got a Heck of a good job, making money like crazy, thanks to the TV industry.
    He repairs copiers and other Bus. Machine's.
    His biggest account at the moment is , Rauley Studio's, hope I sp that right.

    ANyway, they do the Final Production work on such shows as the CSI's. And the big headache now is for the new on, with Genea Davis, one of our favorite stars, and he got to meet her last week.
    It's called Commander and Chief. He has been on call 24 hr's, he said it was worse than when he was doing copy work for the Firefighters at their Firecamps back in Idaho.

    So that is where his OT went and it means the world to me that he did this.

    I look back over the 25 years, and some were great and some not so great, I never thought that I would end up like this in my Golden years.
    That is why I married a younger man, so we would Be able to do things togeather, when he retired, because he would still be able to See to drive, lol, lol.

    Well thanks for reading this, just felt like opening up a bit, it's been a long time, since I have, been Burned a lot lately, and was feeling very lost and down in the dumps,
    But now, Wow, I can't wait to get the Scooter on the street to drive it, it's sitting in the front room now tho.
    lol, lol, makes for a lovely conversation piece ya know, lol.

    Have a Great day, and for thoes who are going through the Marriage Problems due to these Illness, my Heart goes out to you, I know how Stressful it is, and how it can make you even sicker. I Pray for all of you who post about these kinds of problems, and I truly hope that GOd will bring you through them just as he has me.

    Still have a rough road ahead, got a new dx, but, the Red Scooter, takes the sting out of that.

    Hope your day is Stressfree and Painfree.
  2. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Hi Sharon,
    I'm going through the scooter thing now, too. I have a small one that I keep in the trunk of my car, and an old one that doesn't fold up, that was my mom's, and that I have held onto.

    The reason I have not given away the old scooter, is that the portable ones that fold up, usually will not go up hills. If you ever need to use one to go up a hill you will be out of luck if you don't have one bigger than the one you can fold up. - Unless yo have a really powerful one, like a Hoverround.

    I would find all this out before you give your old scooter away.

    Meanwhile happy scootering!!

  3. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I thought about it, and I really do need the Scooter for getting around the Park here.
    Like to am from our Community Pool. I swim as much as I can, since I can't walk like I use to and I need the excerise.
    The Pool is kept at nice, warm temp. Like the Arthritis Foundation recommends. It pays to live in an Over 55 year's old park. lol..... Altho some are still young'ns , like my DH, who can live here, If they are related to someone who is Disabled.

    When the GK's come over, I use it to keep up with them when they are bike riding, lol,, and to go to the Pool, they think it's cool to ride in and on the scooter, DH took a photo of us. lol, lol,
    Besides yeah, my Brother gave it too me, so I would probably regret giving it up.

    Thanks for replying, and I hope you have a Great day.
  4. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    away your old scooter! I totally agree. As to who....I think that you will just 'know' when the time is right. Since you have already made the decision an instance will occur and you will know what to do.

    My sweetie bought me a powerchair on ebay. At first I was stubborn. Determined to walk(if thats what you would call it anymore lol) as long as I was able no matter how slow I was. I think I have missed out on so much because I knew I couldnt go the distance or stand that long. Bit by bit I have thrown pride to the wind and am out enjoying life as a participant instead of a spectator from afar. Sunday we went to the state fair!

    Bless you for your generosity
  5. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    Pam here, we chatted a bit on the "tipping" post, you'll remember....and you talked about the neat things you do to show appreciation...

    I agree with gnanny that giving away your scooter now that you've got your newer "red" wheels is a wonderful & generous idea! There is definitely somebody else out there that could benefit from having a way to get around. Of course, if you find you still need it, then it makes sense to keep it---but it's a neat idea, all the same, to have a drawing or something where it's the prize. I never think of these ideas!

    I also agree that this new scooter is something that means way more than a gift of diamonds; being able to get around easily (like to the pool, as you mentioned) keeps a world of activities open that could otherwise be closed. Bless your hubby for recognizing what is REALLY important to you---what a great gift.

    Happy Silver Anniversary, too---I'm married 23 years to a pretty great guy, too; every marriage has its ups & downs, but I think I'll keep him another 23 years!


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  6. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    I'm still waiting for you to visit.

    I agree with most, that you should probably keep the scooter, at least until you find out whether you will need it.

    If you do decide to find it a new home, I hope you will think of me. Some friends that were working on cars in my garage last spring left mine out in the rain, and fried the electronics. It will cost me as much to fix it as to buy another one, neither of which I can afford to do right now.


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