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    Was wondering if anyone else had this?

    I have had this only twice in my life and it is really scary. It is not anxiety, I have had those flares before but this is way different. I just had an episode yesterday and the last one was almost 20 years ago

    Here it is the best I can explain it..

    My body feels like it is in slow motion, really slow motion like I am hardly moving...My mind is racing. I tell my self (in my mind) to hurry up..My body is really actually moving at a decent speed but I have the feeling like it isn't and my mind keeps telling it to hurry up....

    This last episode was not as bad as the last, in the last episode I was about 24 and the episode lasted for a week and I even screamed in my head to hurry my body up but it wouldn't. My mind was telling my body it was going way to slow...

    I do not feel like I am under any pressure like I was when I was in my 20's...boy was I really way over my head...abusive ex-husband had 2 kids to take care of on my own and no family to help.. but now I am all grown up and do not feel like I am under that much stress...It kinda makes me feel like I am going mad...and I don't like feeling out of control...

    If anyone else has same feeling let me know

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  2. blueski31717

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    Wendy thanks for replying, many things have happened in my childhood so yes that could be a possibility.
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    Hi Marian

    I don't have any answers for you but wanted to bump your post back to the top for someone else who might have an answer.

    hugs from Redwillow ( I am another Marion )
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    Have you had your Thyroid checked lately? I had Graves disease (an overactive thyroid disease), and before I was dx'd and treated, I had many strange sensations that I could not explain. After a major auto accident, a neurologist dx'd me by looking at me and confirmed it with a thyroid TSH panel.

    It's an easy test to do...they just draw a little blood and do a lab test on it. You might want to think about doing that?

    Peace and good health,
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    Thanks everyone for replying,

    Redwillow- thanks for the bump,,,kewl my name is spelled with an yours I see is on..I was named after my birth father Mariano.. Italian born.

    Wamps- thanks for the bump

    Lady kewl-Yes I have hypothryoid but am being treated with synthroid but thanks anyway

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    I think by the old English method of spelling my name is actually the male version of Marion. However I was named after my father's great aunt who I never had the pleasure to meet.

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)