Got ANTS? Use Aspartame

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    This is a cut and paste from Dr. Mercolas website.

    Got an Ant Problem? Use Aspartame

    For all the dire health problems associated with aspartame -- the worst of them being cancer -- the original "anything-but-sugar" substitute may have an ideal purpose to exist, not as a food additive, but as an ant poison
    Already aware of aspartame's origins as a toxic chemical, a health-conscious consumer with an ant problem emptied one packet of aspartame in the corner of each of her bathrooms two years ago. The "sweet" solution worked brilliantly, as she's seen no signs of carpenter ants crawling around for the past year.

    Aspartame may be just the thing for getting rid of fire ants (impervious to many poisons) too, although this solution takes a bit more effort. Initially, fire ants ignored their aspartame treat until a light rain moistened it. After the rain, however, the fire ants came back with a vengeance, taking the aspartame back to the mound by the hundreds. Within two days, any evidence that fire ants existed at all, save for an empty mound, vanished.

    No mystery aspartame works like a pesticide, as the asparctic acid contained in this toxic product is a well-documented excitotoxin that causes specific brain cells to become excessively excited to the point they quickly die, just as both kinds of ants did.

    Makes you wonder if aspartame is a far safer, better alternative to getting rid of lawn and home pests than the average toxic pesticides found at your neighborhood hardware store ...

    If you ever wanted a painless way to find out all the dangers of aspartame you will certainly want to view Sweet Misery. If you are a natural health care practitioner you might want to consider showing this in your reception area.

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    We've been overrun with some kind of ant coming in this year, can't even figure out what they're going for - seem to ignore sweets, foods... maybe go for a bit of grease, but not in general, but will occasionally go for the dog food, but not always.

    Tried ant traps, ws going to do the borax or baking soda with sugar, maybe just aspartame would work... would be an interesting experiment.

    Only problem is still our dogs, we'd have to be careful with it since it is sweet, so guess that stops killing the fire ants outside, oh well!


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