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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1maqt, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. 1maqt

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    Muy Doctor took me off the Cipro on thurs, to see if it made a difference. WWEEELL let me tell you the difference!
    By todday, which is Monday I was staarting a major flare.
    Not the tiredness, only the pain. I could hardly walk up the stairs.
    I went a head and took the Cipro at Noon, and called the dr who told me to start it any way.
    It is now 10:50 pm Tues, and already the pain is subsiding

    If anyone had doubts, heres the whole enchilata. I didn't go off the neurontin, so I didn't get so exausted.

    The Dr's Point was to see how I would change without the cipro...
    Aantibbbiotics, is the answer, Madwold is right,I did the
    Cipro to Jumpsstart the Doxycicline.

    I told you I was waiting for the other shao to drop. See the Dr, wanted me off the ..abx "But I haaadd It My Way.
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    Hi , Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. I sure hope that the antibiotics helps .Spinds like they or something is starting to work. I was wondering how your Doctor appt went.Your in my prayer and thoughts. God Bless ...Danisue
  3. Mikie

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    There's nothing like trying to cycle off the antibiotics and getting sick to make one a believer. It only takes about three days for me to have my symptoms return with a vengeance when I try to cycle off the Doxy.

    Unfortunately, I am either allergic to the Cipro or the Herx was soooooo bad that I had to discontinue it. I am doing just fine on the Doxy and expect to have to be on it for quite a while.

    Love, Mikie