Got Bart/Babesia result todaynegative

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  1. ckball

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    I did find out that the ER did not run a Western Blot so my new Dr did it.

    She really wasn't very helpul. I told her how long I have had CFS and all other medical issues and she just sat there and wrote in the file.

    She looked at the rash/scorisis on my scalp and I asked if a co infection from the tick bites- muliple bites all on the head- still no comment.

    At least I am feeling better, it was a long day, mammogram took 2 hours, had to go back and get more views but they weren't concerned.

    I had 2 hours to kill waiting to go to Infec Dr, so went by my old workplace, a jewerly store and chatted for awhile.

    Went to library, but they didn't have what I was looking for.

    Another 2 hours at the Dr- it took the girl 4 trys to get my blood with a butterfly!

    Grocery store then home. I am a little tired but at least I was able to do everything.

    I sure hope this is a sign of things to come, 2 good days in a row-WOW

  2. jarjar

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    The rule of thumb for bart and Babs by some of the most respected lyme M.D's is to treat by symptoms.

    Test for coinfections are widely known to be unreliable there are so many strains and only a few are tested.

    For example if you had burning feet a LLMD would know you need to be treated for Bart.

    I see a lyme doc that treats people that travel from all over the U.S and Canada.....He as well as most respected M.D's go by symptoms.

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Hi Carla,

    hate to tell you this, but the tests for the common co-infections such as bartonella or babeosis are even MORE unreliable than for lyme... and of course no test, anyway, is 100% reliable that I've read about.

    Anyway, that is why LLMDs try to make 'educated' guesses based on your presenting clinical picture.

    Alas, medicine is still more of an 'art' than a science.

    all the best,

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  4. ckball

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    Jarjar If these tests are so unreliable- why bother taking them. I can stay I have felt better the last 3 days than I have in 2 months.

    I actually felt normal for awhile, I was visiting the jewerly store I worked when I first came back to Ky. About 30 minutes of catching up with different people and the words would not come out of my mouth..I'd stop in the middle of sentence like duh.

    I don't expect to trully 100 normal but if I could have these last 2 days once a week, I could with that..

    I still haven't found a LLD close to me, so Im not sure, may just wait until Western Blot comes back. And she how I feel.

    Maybe what I had was got early enough with the abx and I am now feeling better.

    You answered my post about the scalp. I don't know if it scorisis or a rash ffrom a tick bite. But it be a reaction to yeast. I had yeast issues while on the abx., so with the yeast scalp, and the well down there, during the treatment would all of this be normal .I really tried to have a dicussion about all of this and nothing.

    I had mild yeast ifection and some skin break dowm there. I had radation treatment and completely scorched everything I have. It was horrible, I was actually a meeting of Drs of what not do with meds and radation. I should have been taken off that med weeks before the radiation., it was Pamelor.

    Anyway I have nerve damage and the skin is soft gets irritated easily. It did not like the yeast. It went away about 4 days of finsihing the abx

    I went to our new outpatient imaging ceter today. It is very nice, you know money was put in it. We had lovely thick white robes to wear while we waited, dramk coffee and wacth th big flat screen tv.

    How much money to you think they may have spent on testing and diagnostis tools.The digial mammram was cool.

    But what about all these other dds-there had to be a thread of commonality of some kind. So why can't they find out what is is..

    Well, my night meds have kicked in and my typing requies lot ogf proofreading at this time.

    thanks for helping me under this this lyme thing out,

    Good nit-Carla sweet dreams

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