Got crazy letter from SSA.Haven't even applied yet.What's up?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke466, Sep 1, 2006.

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    I've talked about it but haven't done it yet. Stupid me I called a few weeks ago and ask them to send me the forms so I could look them and know what I'm in for and gather my info.Well the woman on the phone told me they don't do that anymore and she started asking me questions. I tried to tell her I wasn't gonna file yet but she insisted she make me a phone appt with our local office,in another town. So I called the local office the day before the appt and told them to cancel it cause I wasn't gonna file yet and when I do I'll file online,woman on phone told me this. They said no problem.

    Couple of weeks go by and I get a call from local office wanting to make me another appt. I called them and the woman spoke with was nice about it when I explained to her I would file online when I was ready. She said no problem and she could send me the paper forms,no reason why I can't have them. Got them the next day but haven't filed yet. Today I get this letter in the mail and this is what they said.

    On 8-21 we talked with you about your eligibility for SSI,we have made an informal decision that you are not eligible for SSI. We believe you're not eligible for this reason:you told us you do not want to file a claim for SSI. You may want to file a claim for SSI if: you want a formal decision about your eligibility or you disagree with our decision or you want to give us more info about your case. If you decide to file you should do so right away. The sooner you file the sooner we will make a formal decision. If we decide you are eligible you could lose benefits if you file after Nov. 3rd.

    I don't know what they're getting at. I didn't discuss anything with them. I didn't ask about SSI. We didn't talk about none of that. She told me she'd send me the SSD forms to look at and that was it. The only thing I did ask was about going to school and getting SSD at the same time. Didn't give her any indications of what I might be doing.
    So what gives? I guess I should've waited till I was ready before I called .

  2. rockgor

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    It's just a form letter. It's purpose is to protect the Soc Sec dept. If you ever complain to your congressman, etc., they can show a copy of the letter saying you were formally denied.

    When I turned 65 and applied for benefits based on age over the phone, I was asked, "Do you want to also apply for benefits based on disability?"

    I said NO. Later I got a letter denying my application for disability benefits.

    You can go ahead and file for benefits whenever you want.

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