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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karkel, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. karkel

    karkel New Member

    Well I have arthritis in both knees and fimbro. The doctor gave me vicodin and Cymbalta...I'm real afraid to try cymbalta...gonna try to make on just the Vicodin..I only take like 1/2 a pill aday. It helps. Anyways does Cymbalta make you lose or gain weight ?
  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    basically its an antidepressant,camly given for fibro. for some its supposed to help with pain.

    personally I could not take it. yes it does cause weight gain.
  3. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    it's not that it does cause weight gain, it is that it can. 'Can' and 'do' are two very different things. I am on cymbalta and it has been a blessing for me. I have not gained a pound since being on it, and I typically end up gaining weight if that is a possible side effect. I am overweight, but it was caused by mold exposure that disrupted my thyroid prior to taking cymbalta.

    I am not going to get into any of the politics, but I would like to say that if you don't try it you don't know if it will work for you or not. If you try it and it doesn't work or you get side effects that you can't stand, the talk to your dr and ween yourself off.

    I have arthritis in my neck and beginning stages in my lower and mid spine. I want to die when I am in a fibro flare and my arthritis is acting up. At this point I do not have access to anything other than my daily muscle relaxers. I have also made it clear to my drs that I don't want more meds, but I can't imagine not having the support that the cymbalta gives me.

    Just remember, we are all different. We all experience this DD differently. And as such, we all react to medications and OTCs differently.
  4. karkel

    karkel New Member

    I may try the med, I've always been afraid of new stuff. Had bad reaction once to a med and got rushed to the ER from work, totally embarrassing. My fibro starts in neck to and I have severe arthrithis in knees. I need to lose about 25 lbs I'm a size 10 but usually a size 6.But exercising comes hard when you feel so bad. I take Vicodin so I can make it thru day but I'd rather try something that is for fimbro like Cymbalta so I don't have to take the pain meds as much. It's nice to have people to talk to aboyt this..thanks for the reply.

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