got denied by SSDI

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wildflowers2, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    Hello to all.....I had the WORST female judge in the county. SHe said I didnt have cfs, and a host of other mis information. Like the 15 pahe 'health questioner I had
    filled out in 2005 and only wne to that quack ONE time.

    She blasted me that I filled out TOO much on the form and that I count NOT be that bad.

    they were questions like .have you ever had a yeast infection" etc.....WHat a WITCH she was. THen I wanted
    to file a complaint wiht the congressmans office...
    I was told they cant do SQUAT!

    Tomorrow I talk with and attorney for the appeal .

    I had one of the top doctors in the country for my cfs/fm and she blew his letter out the door.

    Then last year office of vocation rehabilitation told me I had too many health issues and that I should call them when I got SSDI..

    The judge asked IF i used a computer nad IF I was on any fibromylgia support groups.. I said yes one....

    well she basically said in her deniel that I made everything up!

    SHe used the medical reocrds from 2005 and didnt do nodda with the recent ones.

    How I love the system........My only hope is that SHE gets what we have and worse!!!

    Bitter , you bet....I have more tests to take as now
    I have lost my ability to judge distance.

    Then a lip biopsy for sojourns...

    CAn it get worse???
    I turn 50 next week......

    JUst shoot me!!!!

  2. hurtbunny

    hurtbunny New Member

    Wildflowers, ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY, DO NOT GIVE UP. I'm fighting with the SSA also to get disability. Had 1st denial, now on appeal of that. Had bad day today talking to lady in charge of my review on phone. You know that you need it, I know I need it, we can't give up. I often think "shoot me" too, and I call myself a "@$&*..shit magnet". But, if there's one thing I know deep in my heart, is that we are tough and strong, because we have to be to deal with this horrible illness. People think we're making it up or exagerating, because our symptoms are too hard for them to believe.
    Hang in there, you are not alone.
  3. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi wildflowers,
    the mooning emblem is for your ALJ, and i AM being polite! It's sad but 100% true that no one can believe that we can actually live with our symptoms (all 1000+++ of them at any given time) and not be "basket weaving" by now! No one without this illness would ever believe what we live day in and day out, that s why they doubt and discredit us so often--it is a bizarre illness with so many bizarre symptoms, all at different degrees on different days, etc. that it DOES Seem like a stephen king novel!! Glad we have each other for understanding, cuz no one else could ever understand it without "hobbling" in our shoes for a few days! Hang in there--L
  4. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    If only there was some way of having someone like that walk in our shoes for one week .They would all be singing a differant tune.

    Please dont give up.If you dont get it at this stage refile another claim.

  5. Ginner

    Ginner New Member

    Hi Wildflowers4..
    I read your message.
    I saw that you have physicians for fms/cfs in your area but do you also have a disibilty attorney who specializes in fms/cfs disibilty?
    I was just wondering because I JUST applied for disibility this past Jan.07. My attorney said that he has at least 2 cases per week for fms and that I shoud expect to get turned down the first time for sure. They fill out every paper that I get, he said, from his experience, "we" are too "wordy" and that hurts us get disibility.
    Taking each day...

  6. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    Now that you've been denied in PA there is a year long waiting list to see a judge. I think it may be time to get an attorney on your side. They cost nothing unless you win.

    I am so sorry & send you comforting thoughts.
  7. Ginner

    Ginner New Member

    I know...the more information I can get on every chart of every physician I see, the better! Updates and all, they see me coming!

    You know, I also saw this attorneys legal assitant for one visit and after I told her that I had a letter of dates, physicians, etc with me and that I preferred to just answer her questions as simply as possible so I wouldn't collapse before I drove back home, she commented that fms clients seem to have "type a" personalities and she hoped she didn't ever have to deal with fms because she thought it is rough! They see many fms clients. I didn't ask how their ratio was.

    ..I am also working on my small bio...since I am a newbee!
    I am trying to "lighten up"..know what I mean...
    Thanks all
    Have a good evening
  8. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    This judge sounds nuts... What difference does it make if you use a computer and are on any support forums? Did that go against you?

    With your doctors good documentation you should have been approved. I don't know what state you are in.

    My brother (in CA) who is 59 applied for SSDI while on temporary disability. He applied in July and was approved by September. I really don't understand how this happens.

    At first they said they wanted him to see their doctor for a exam, then called and said never mind, he was approved.

    He has problems with cervical spine compression - get numbness in hands and may eventually have surgery. He is only taking Darvocette for pain and gets around pretty good.

    After reading the board here I kept telling him he would need a attorney - I was shocked he was approved.

    I am sorry you had this experience and hope you get a good attorney.
  9. jipsieyes

    jipsieyes New Member

    Your Judge's questions and remarks you mention are all too familiar: she was sizing you up, as they say. She probably sees hundreds of cases like yours a month, and by now has a method of spotting patterns in winnowing the fakers/abusers from the "real" afflicted.
    With the internet as a tool, there are people out there who can easily research the "perfect" disease (no disfiguring rash or missing limbs, no obvious physical handicap, etc) and, by simply PRETENDING they hurt in the right places, limping with a cane, they can fake a good autoimmune disease or two and potentially get a free ride! This is why the judge asked about your internet use (I confessed I used the net to look up info on the meds my doc prescribed me, but little else, as I had trouvble using the keyboard (clumsy and sore fingers)and could not sit so long without hurting my back); sometimes, the more you know and share about your own condition, the worse it can make your case look to some people -- they will think, "How did she ever find the time to learn all of this? If *I* was in that much pain, I don't think I could spend that much time on something, let alone remember or take notes on it!". As for support groups, I went to one or two first meetings of several in my area, but often forgot (for real) what day of the month they were, or was just hurting too badly to get out of the house. Plus, instead of making me better able to adjust to my pain, listening to others' pain only made ME FEEL WORSE, and I couldn't risk THAT on top of the pain and depression I already was dealing with... As for the SS formwork, my SISTER filled them out FOR mE, because my hands were just too sore to do more than a few lines a day (it was taking me WEEKS to fill out even the FIRST long form, the way I was going!) except to chicken scratch my signature.
    I kept a paper journal that I did handwrite in, tho; it was obvious that it was sort of readable the first few sentences, but it quickly became harder and harder to read as my hand would get tired and weak and "slur". Sometimes I had to work on an entry over two or three different attempts...
    My primary doc sent me to a couple specialists, but none were FM/CFS specialists becaquse the closest one to me was over 2 hours drive away and I just could not do that... so my main doc was a pain specialist who DID have some patients and experience with FM.
    Further...stay away from the "snake oil" aspect and find an attorney who has experience in SS (and FM, etc.) but does not advertise/announce it in a HUGE WAY(ie: high profile tv commercials)! Cannot stress that one enough. Hope I don't get sued by one of them, BUT, their commercials DO make a lot of people angry, as it looks as if these lawyers are saying "hey, you can get free money if your back is hurting and you deserve it!". I'm sure every judge in the coun try sees the same commercials, and that could result in some bias (NOT GOOD for YOU)... Also, my SIS came along and testified rather emotionally (and 100% honest) that she had "lost" here sister and best friend ("me") to this insiduous disease, and she basically was able to paint the very real and bkleak "picture" of my disability and how it has robbed me of my "normal life" Hope these tips and info help you, next hearing you get...

    PS: Many mistakes, and some I just am too tired to correct now... have made several posts today and now need to go lie down awhile as it has taken me, off an on, a total of five hours on this forum this morning.

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