Got Denied Disability for a second time, HELP

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrohugslife, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. fibrohugslife

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    I was really hoping this year would be my year of better things to come. I can tell I am going to have to fight tooth and nail with Social Security. My attorney will automatically file for an appeal before an ALJ. I am calling them tomorrow or Thursday to double check.

    Well the year is not over, and it may just be that I need to see a judge and maybe them seeing me and hearing all of the hell I have been through will change things around.

    It seems like whenever I got in front of judge, (last time when I had state disability and they tried to take it away from me, and I fought that and won, I wish the money lasted longer though-that ran out last year), I am able to prove my case.

    They keep going under this one doctor who I only saw once when I was in the ER for when I had chest muscle pains due to an allergic reaction to a pain injection that I received.

    They love to throw in my age, education and everything but my age has nothing to do with my disability.

    Well anything you can tell me that I can do to prepare for my hearing? I am ready to battle, BRING IT ON! lol.

  2. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

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    Fibro, I am many years older than you I am sure.

    I just applied for this SS disability also. Must wait until April to hear my first decision. I have had this "whatever it is" for one year and one month.

    I just feel so much for you. And it doesn't matter what age you are. It is totally disabling.

    It is sooo much worse than anyone can even describe.

    You can type on here and fill out unpredictable chunks. And you have to push yourself to do this.
    Most of the time you can't do this stuff...usually you are just able to browse the boards...but the energy and mind set have to be up enough to do even that.

    And I never, ever dreamed how bad the physical feelings would be with these autoimmune diseases until I got one myself.

    There are days you truly feel like you may die!
    The going to doctors and filling out forms and everything else we do...probably deserves a medal. If people who have never had these diseases ever could have it for one just week to see how it feels...they would then say...OMG it's true. It is that bad.

    You can do some short term things...but you live in fear that any time you might collapse at any time. Who can have a full time job under those kinds of setbacks?

    Go girl. keep fighting. I don't care if your 21...I know how totally disabling this horrible thing can be.

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    I can so understand what you are going thru, it took me 2 years to finally get approved for disability, and yes it is hard work but if we just sit around and just wait for it to happen then it won't, even though we are very sick and takes alot out of us to make it to a Dr's appointment, we need to prove everything to these so called adjudicator's and judges.

    it just makes me sick that these people are playing god, they don't know what we are going thru, the pain, the struggle just to get out of bed, I just bet if this DD happed to those people (judges or adjudicators)all of a sudden they would want pity...I'm sorry to be rambling off,
    I just feel so bad for you...just keep going you WILL will happen. have you seen a therapist at all? I saw one for depression because of this DD and she wrote an an excellent letter which I belive helped my case alot.

    Good luck to you Sweetie you will be in my thoughts and prayers daily.

    Love to all, Ann
  5. wrthster

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    Your attorney should if not already have advised you to try to get your doctor or doctors to fill out disability questionaire forms. If your lawyer is any good he or she should have them. You need to have a paper trail and a supporting Physician. That can be extremely important.

    Further, if you are truly disabled, write to your local congressman and State Senator. But make sure your medical files have the documentation to prove your case. A lot of them will look into it. Supporting Physician documentation will help a lot in all areas. And finally, don't just use a CFS or FM diagnosis, try to work with you doctor to find more recognizable diagnosis in addition to those. Such as depression, arthritis, if you suffer from frequent infections, ect.

    Hope this helps, and best of luck
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    I am 32 and have been full blown sick w/ FM/MPS, CFIDS/M.E., a small pituitary adenoma/tumor, GI problems, chronic, incessant head pain, now Lyme, etc. for well over eight years. Of course, I didn't collapse until I was 25, and symptoms started way before (hypothesis). Yes, SS denied me the first time around. Often, if a person (not always) has primary or secondary depression, it's "easier" to receive SSI.

    Nevertheless, I'm glad you're not giving up. I had the help of both of my parents to fill out the SAT-like SSI forms. Man is that exhausting and frustrating. I also have a great disability lawyer as I'm still waiting for my LTD (long term disability since I worked)...I also have a great team of health care professionals in NYC.

    Don't give up as that's what SS usually wants "sick people" to do. I admire your warrior-like approach to SSI. Good for you. I always said that when I first became sick I was a "fighter." But than I changed it two years later to a "warrior." *grin*

    As others have suggested, the more doctors notes/letters you have, the better. One chart from an ER doc isn't going to hurt you but certainly isn't going to help you as much.

    Can you find a rheumy or neuro or GP who specializes in FM and/or CFIDS/M.E. to at least see you a few times and write a letter? That would help you a lot more.

    Like you, I LOVE doing a lot of things, but that doesn't mean I can do them. And just because many of us "look healthy" doesn't mean we feel as good as we look. Of course, there were three years where I was so thin and gray looking, I looked like death rolled over me. lol

    After my first denial (the form letter is so upsetting even though I expected it since I don't have depression) I ultimately ended up in front of a judge. I answered all of his questions (he's notorious for being the most difficult judge in my state for disability) honestly. I think I took him off guard with how honest I was. I even made him laugh. Hell, it was 8:00 in the morning for me! I was half dead but "alert" if you know what I mean. Well, two months later, I was granted SSI....There IS hope. I was 28 than. It took some time.

    As for Justin...toxic people aren't worth your time and little energy. Conserve your strength for more important things like winning SSI and receiving treatment that will ultimately help you live life better...Sure, there is no KNOWN cure (yet), but with good treatment we can start to return to the land of the living!! :)

    Usually people who knock others are simply projecting due to their own insecurities.

    Good luck and keep us posted!


    I've yet to fill out a profile, but in brief, I was a former professional ballet dancer. I than got injured which ended my career due to a foot surgery. I graduated from college with a degree in English (hard to believe these days! lol) less than four years later and than worked in publicity for a record label in NYC. It was a wild and fun and stressful ride all around...I'm still here to fight the battle. Don't lose hope.
  7. JustinD

    JustinD New Member


    You have autoimmune disease? I thought you were saying Levaquin was the cause of ll your probelms and were trying to sue them?
  8. roge

    roge Member

    no point in wasting anymore energy on this person...

    bye bye

    p.s moderator, this website should have an option to put certain posters on ignore so we no longer see their posts...
  9. JustinD

    JustinD New Member

    I am just trying to understand. Why are people so sensitive? I just thought after the bashing i took on Joe's post it was strange that now he is saying he has a autoimune disorder. People bashed me and deleted my posts cause I dared to think that maybe levaquin wasnt the cause of his illness. Now the same people are bashing me because he claims to have something else responsible for his symptoms. I really dont care at this point anyway. I came here looking for people who were strong and want to try and recover from this horrible disease. I am so sick I cant take it and was so excited to have found a forum like this. I guess I am disapointed to just find a bunch of people who care more about suing people or trying to get on disability. Nobody even cares about facts. They just want to be cuddled and taken care of. They want to give up. Well that is not me. I know there are other like me here but unfortunatley the only ones who have responded are not. I guess thats what I get for looking for courage amongst such cowards.
  10. roge

    roge Member

    you ask why are people so senstitve?

    well if you stop making judgements about people on this board , then people wouldnt be as sensitive.

    then you go onto say we are cowards, don't you know when to stop?

    you sound like a pretty smart person and no doubt you are a fighter and are strong with the health problems you have and like all of us here , but please just refrain from personal attacks and judging others on this board that is all. This is place for comfort as well as to share experiences and transfer knowledge so we can all try and manage these diseases better until there are more effective and better targeted treatments.

    If you don't have anything helpful to say (either supportive) or constructive advice, then just don't make a post and it is ok to diasgree with someone if there is a debate about something, just don't get personal as you did with joeb7th a while back pretty much labelling him a hypochondriac. We get enough of that BS outside of this board we certainly dont need it here.


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    I read your post and wanted to inform you that SSD usually denies benefits to people with CFS/MPS/FMS ect,...however, if your condition causes other symptoms such as depression this should also be formally noted on your PCP's part.

    Like you I was denied 3x SSD until the 3rd round at my hearing with a SSD Judge who was verbally harsh towards me. After voicing my concerns at the meeting, I believe he understood I was infact impaired not just with these debilitating condition, but emotionally, psychologically, physically, ect...Later a psych vocational test proved this as well. Since I had no prior learning disability's (verbal, phych, mental, educational), I was given a vocational -physch/function test of some sort. When the psych administered the test he was surprised to see how low my score was as well as a problem with dominant hand -body movement. He recommended I have a neuro -psych test. With my educational and employment background he stated he could see there is a probelm and that it needed to be further explored. He seemed geuninly concerned, hence I have not taken this exam, LOL! Oh, while I took this test I was rt smack in the middle of a major flare up, I believe thta is why I scored so poorly. Anway, with constant fevers in the 102 -103, BLOODY URINE, FALLING HAIR, DELUSIONS, no sleep, and much pain I'm surprised I have any healthy brain cells at all left! HAHAHAHA!

    Hang in there, keep your log up to date, if you are experiencing derpression due to your condition see a therapist. It really helps. It wont make the pain go away, but it helps talking about it with a therapist who specializes with your related medical condition. time and documentation w/your pcp.

    Good Luck!

  12. pimort

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    My wife has spent 3.5 years in this process, and just won her ssdi. She had to show up infront of the judge also. Best thing our attorney told us is that CFS and FMS are not listed as disability conditions. There is a 1998 SSDI ruling, generated from an appeals case in the 11th district, under the name of Reddick I believe, which details the use, and symptomatology, to make a finding with related conditions to FMS and CFS. This is an SSDI ruling. I suggest you review it. This will help you understand what the judge and experts will be using to determine a disability finding.

    My wife said to tell you to make sure your atty gets and reviews each of the doctors medical records with a fine toothed comb, including all labs, and all tests. The most important issue for you is to make sure every doctor who has seen(includes dentist, psychologist, podiatrist, optician etc.), or reviewed your case is contacted. You must also include any alternative medical expertise you have tried as well(ie Chiropractic, Accupuncture, etc,). Also the letters from lay persons is potentially very helpful. Choose people who can tell the differences of you before, and now! For instance, if you have noticed a change in your hair, make sure your stylist writes a letter, and consider other such personal service providers!

    She also wants you to know that as hard as it may be for you, you must put your pride aside, and go to the hearing without makeup, hair made up special, etc. She wants you to make sure that the Judge sees the real you, even if you feel you need to cry, go ahead and cry. You can win this battle, just tell the reality of your life, it will be enough!
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