Got in trouble for getting to work late so often

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shell, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. shell

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    Knew it was coming... and I know it is only fair to the other people on my team as they have no idea what is going on with me. Just broke down and teared up of course, even though it was just a verbal warning. It just makes me frustrated that I am having such a hard time doing normal things!! Sent a letter to my boss explaing all of my physical ailments. Not as an excuse but hopefully for understanding. I feel like 1/4 of a person right now. Was sick again the last two weeks - felt really good right before that. Now back to the ole same ole. I am pretty surprised about the amount of pain I am starting to be able to tolerate though!! Much love to all of you - hope I can keep my job!!
  2. fibrodan

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    I know how you feel, Shell. The mornings are so hard. I think the hardest part of the day is just getting out of bed. I ache so badly in the morning that it takes me forever to get me and my kids ready. Luckily, my husband gets our son ready and takes him to school, and I get our daughter ready.

    I get to work late a lot too, but I don't get harrassed for it. I just make up for it in other ways. I stay late almost every day, and I work through a lot of lunch hours.

    Keep you chin up, Shell.

    Take care-

  3. Cara-Sue

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    i used to have to get up for work early wwas very hard i am not a morning person,let alone all the aches ect.i did end up going on evenings,instead.anyways when i did have to get up early i used to go to bed early,by 9;30...i would get up a little earlier have a hot shower and move and stretch in the shower.that helped.and tell yourself you can do it..keep moving or you'll get really stiff.
    i hope that helped
  4. pam_d

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    Sorry to hear what's going on with you.....are you doing the rotation diet & probiotics, enzymes, etc. from Dr. B? I know that I felt even lousier for a while, and had a very hard time getting used to the probiotics, especially---I wrote several frantic posts here at the time, just couldn't get used to them....finally things evened out for me. I'm not feeling great, not by a long shot, but feeling that I'm noticing more energy, and a little less pain; can't tell if I'm thinking a little more clearly, or not......LOL, you get so used to muddy thinking, it's hard to tell!

    I am an early riser, before & after FM, ams are usually my best problem is I can't seem to stay awake past about I don't have the morning issues as much, but I know from this board that mornings are frequently the worst for everyone. Hope your boss will be empathetic....can you share this with any co-workers? I know that's such an individual situation, it really depends on personalities, relationships, etc....anyway, I hope this is just the lousy part before the getting a little better part for you.....I think I'm seeing some progress, but very slow.

  5. tannat

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    I finally had to quit my last job because of missed days and being late (quit before getting fired). I LOVED that job, but 60 hours a week was too much!!!!! I took a summer off and went to work for another company part time. I still miss at least one day a week, and am late frequently, but this boss is much more understanding and does not rag on me about it. I would love to just quit this job, but we do need whatever income I can generate.

  6. peachy2a-tea

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    Shell, I was fired 2 years ago from my job. I found out to late that they probably could not have fired since they knew of my condition and were working with me on it. But by the time I filed with the Labor Board my time had expired. I think that there is some sort of disabilities act. You should look into it.
  7. FM_DD

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    Shell, I think I know how you feel. My boss just brought up the subject of my sick leave usage. Even though I have Dr.'s notes for 75% of them! I have sent out a letter to management also, they left me alone for about a month. Sometimes I think they're trying to get rid of me because of the extra tasks/duties/stress they put on me. However, I think his talk was the best thing he could have done. There may have been some days I could have come in BUT they would have been days I couldn't have gotten anything done. I even lay on the floor sometimes! You just hang in there and don't let them get to you. Hugs to you.
  8. kar1953

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    I set my alarm for at least 1/2 hr. earlier than I used to before fms. I do leg & arm stretches while still lying in bed to loosen up enough to get up. Then I go out on the living room floor & stretch for another 5-10 min. depending on my pain level that day. Then I get on with my morning routine - slower than before, & most days manage to make it out the door no more than 5 min. late. I NEED to be on time as much as possible because I drive school bus & my kids are out waiting for me. Just knowing they are depending on me motivates me in the mornings. I also am in bed usually by 9:30 - 10 at the latest.

    Here's hoping things will go better for you in the future!