Got letter from hearings and appeals

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    Today we got our letter from hearings and appeals stating that Gees file has been assembled and ready to scedule a
    With it we got a list of exibits which I have a couple of questions.
    one exhibit is psychiatric reveiw technique forms completed by dds physician and also RFC or residual fuctional technique forms completed by the same DDS physician.
    Question is "who is DDS physician?
    We have a total of 135 forms on this exhibit form. Is this good?
    Please help with these questions if you can Asap Dave

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    We did see doctors from ssa
    general medicineconsultive exam by md
    psycological consultive exam by phd
    orthopedic consultive exam by md
    Maybe this will help you to see what I mean. Among other doctors are her regular do and her rheumotologist.
    Thanks again for your reply Dave