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    private board...

    Dr Eva Sapi and colleagues will offer a full day
    Seminar the University of New Haven
    On Lyme borreliosis.

    This program will include presentations
    By Dr Rich Horowotz, Dr Joe Burrascano,
    Dr Steven Phillips.

    ...the Life Cycle of Borrelia Spirochetes
    Which will reconcile the various morphologic
    Profiles ( Vegetative, granular, cystic, Lforms)
    With Clinical and Laboratory correlations. I will
    Review the Genome in Flux model of Dr George Chaconas
    And I will speak about Lateral DNA transfer from
    Borrelia to Human cells.

    I hope that many of you will attend.

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    I'm too far away, but I do know some people closer who may be able to attend...