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  1. Annette2

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    I spoke with my rheumy's office today - they got back the MRI results of the scan I had on my hand. NOTHING!!!! Nothing was wrong. She said I should go back to the hand doctor. Well, in between seeing my rheumy and having the MRI, the hand pain went away! I was in total agony when I saw her, and then the pain went away. So now what do I do? I'll feel stupid going back to the hand doctor and telling him how much pain I was in, and now it's all gone. Should I just forget it? I'm sick of all of this!

  2. Shirl

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    Believe me, I know what you are saying! Just this weekend I have pain in my right hand so bad, I was getting chills everytime I moved it the wrong way. I also had a bad bout of fatigue at the same time.

    Today, I am fine, no fatigue, and believe it or not, I forgot about the 'hand pain' till I read your post.

    Between the fatigue and the hand pain I could not come on the computer. Right now, I could go dancing I feel so good.

    Don't know what to tell you, this is the stangest illness around.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Why don't you call the doctor's office, explain the situation and see how the doctor wants you to handle it. Let it be his call, rather than you trying to decide what to do...With having MS the symptoms come and go, sometimes the doc wants to see me anyway and sometimes they say to wait until they come again.