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    Well, my iron is still low, at 22, better than it was a month ago at 10. So, doctor is prescribing higher iron tablet for that. My Vitamin D level is low also, 23, with reference levels of 32-100.
    So he told me to get a 400 unit Vit D tablet to take every day. I asked why he thought my iron didn't come up more, and was told it just takes time. OK, whatever. The good news is that my white count is now normal. It was high a month ago. I didn't have any ailments such as a cold or anything, so I'm still wondering about the high abnormal P66 that showed up on my Lyme test. I'll just have to wait a couple more weeks to ask about that.
    Ok, more meds to take! I hate it, but I'll deal with it.
    Better get back to my work! At least the sun is shining and it's Friday!!!!!!! :)
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    My vitamin D tends to run low (about the same as yours). I initially began taking 400 mg a day. After a year, my numbers were even lower. I then went to 1000 mg. It gave me a tiny bump up. I now am on 2000 mg a day. I am FINALLY in the normal range (but still at the bottom).

    But the best thing to optimize the vitamin D is 15 minutes of sunshine a day!

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    When you say white cell count I take that as your lymphocyte count, this can indicate chronic viral infection which is usually ebv, this happened in my case, i had a lymphocyte subset done and cd8 lymphocytes were elevated which is common in ebv, have been on famvir for 6 months and it has helped , no cfs crashes.