Got my body scan today

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by joyfully, Jul 20, 2007.

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    Dr. says cancer didn't spread to other parts of the body besides the neck. I get follow-up blood work in 2 months to see if any remaining cancer cells are still alive after last radiation treatment.

    I'm switching endocrinologists because of dismissiveness and lack of communication skills of existing doctor. She is making me question my own judgement/observations. My friend went with me today and confirmed my assessment of this doctor's lack of bedside manner.

    She didn't even show me the pictures of the full body scan. Any question that I ask---the doctor responds that it isn't thyroid related and ask my PCP. I've had it. I'm going to see if this other endocrinologist will be willing to take over my post cancer treatment.

    I have tohave faith in my doctor. I don't have any faith in the present Doctor's judgement because she doesn't listen and immediately dismisses anything I say. I already have rheumatoid arthritis and am now fighting cancer. I need a doctor who listens and looks at the "entire picture". She compartmentalizes my condition; I need someone who considers my entire medical needs and doesn't immediately interrupt me by telling me to see another specialist. No matter what my symptoms, she immediately tells me that those aren't thyroid symptoms even though I've found information on the web that other post cancer thyroid patients have had the SAME symptoms as I'm having.

    Sorry, I'm a bit frustrated tonight. I'll be better in the morning after I've had time to process this and put it in perspective. GRRRRRRRRR! That doctor contradicts herself. My friend confirmed that it isn't me, it is this $ hungry dismissive doctor.
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    Glad to hear the good news. Hope you can find a better dr. soon.

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    That is good news about the scan. DId you know most hospitals with give you a cd with the scans.

    I had a full body bone scan and xrays 2 months ago, I called and asked and went and picked it the next day.

    I lost a big part of my medical record a few year ago during a move. So now I get a copy of every test, procedure done at the hospital, They are OUR records and should request them, JMHO Carla
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    This endo's office is so big that she has the body scan machine right at her facility. She has all three floors of the building! She is the only doctor in the entire building!

    She also has her own lab right there. My ins. co. recently took her lab off of the preferred list, so I have to go to a different place to get my lab work done (thank goodness!). Then, I still have trouble finding out the results. I just got my test results from a test that was 2 months ago. I had to really press to even find out the results. AND----the results were out of normal range and no one had told me! This is what I'm going through with her office.

    I'll be so thankful if the remaining cancer cells in the neck are eventually killed so I can get on with my life. The FM and the rheumatoid arthritis are enough; I really didn't need this cancer thing on top of my existing health problems.

    Why doesn't someone like Osama Bin Laden get this stuff instead of me? That is what I'd like to know. HE deserves the cancer.

    I managed to get some laundry done today. I continue to have no energy from the lack of thyroid. I really have to push myself to do anything besides just sleep. I am going to beat this. I have to------

    I am going to start my list to strategize how to switch endocrinologists. I get more accomplished with a written list. It is 1 AM and I'm still up. My son's doggie is sleeping on the floor by my feet. She is a character and has helped me through the last couple of months. You can't help but laugh at her antics. My radioactivity has lessened to the point that I can hold her now. She is unbelievably soft; it helps when I pet her.
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    and I understand your frustration with the endocronoligist.

    You're right to get another doctor. Good luck with that.