got my first ssd denial letter

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  1. bewell4

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    i feel almost* lighthearted about it...sigh.

    i expected a denial, but was hopeful i might get it on the first try. now i will call the (supposedly "best") attorney and start that route...

    i really did not give complete information, because the doc i was going to did not believe me, and i was too brain fogged to list every issue i have. so i am not surprised.

    but it still would have been nice to not have to keep fighting. and to maybe feel a sense of security with my finances again. to be able to choose where i live, instead of being pretty much trapped here with a volatile, hostile family member. sigh!! and to be able to (maybe i am overestimating my pay. lol!) afford alternative therapies and medicine. to be able to buy organic all month and eat well every day instead of about half the days in a month.

    also, it is strangely hard to get this letter that says, yeah, so you have some what. you can still work.

    this is especially hard for me, since i have guilt and anger and yearning to work. some times, some days i think i could do it! then that feeling like i'm being run over by a truck hits me, or my hands hurt so much i cant hold the phone or type...or other symptoms hit me and i know i could not* work through these (symptoms)! it's so hard when it is come and go symptoms, no way to predict. and sometimes i feel decent and sometimes i feel so wretched rather not be know??!

    okay, anyway... aside from that, i have had a rather decent day. i noticed when i woke up this morning that my hands and feet did not hurt so much...they have been like bricks of fire lately, so this is a celebration! if only i could figure out why...! (i have a journal, but my child has had a fever for the last week, had dental surgery a week ago, and we spent about 6 hours at 2 doc offices today...anyway, i have not kept up on my journal. p.s. the good news- the md wanted to give him antibiotics, but the nd gave us some alternatives to try first and disagreed that it was bacterial. i hope he starts feeling better soon***! we are up at 3am, he can't sleep -and so neither can i- from sore throat and fever.)
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    There is so much material on here, just keep typing in phrases for help. And you will need your doctor to help you.

    (Sites I've looked at for a friend tell you exactly what to do.)
  3. TerryS

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    Please make sure you get your appeal filed ASAP. And find yourself a doctor that will support your disability 100%. I found a great doc.

    I have just filed for SSDI. I have an appointment with them next week. My PCP filled out a functional capacity form for me which states that I can stand or walk less than two hours total per day, and that I can sit about two hours per day. I paid an attorney (that I found on ProHealth's website) $100 for a "disability guide". It has been very helpful. We'll see how helpful...we'll see if I can make it on the first try.

    I'm seeing my rheumy this Friday. I know that HE will be the most important part of the puzzle. I know that he does not deny my disability, but he does believe he can get me well enough to work again. As long as he will support me right now...I'd LOVE to be able to work again.

    I had just gotten my real estate license last year...and I had purchased a lot of material in order to become a "staging" professional. In addition, I had become an independant consultant for Southern Living at Home. All this, plus I was working 40 hours per week as a medical transcriptionist.

    Now, I feel like a bumbling idiot. My head is soooo foggy...I feel like I'm in a dream. I'd love it if my rheumy could get me back into shape. If I'm ever able to work again, I'm not doing the medical transcription any more. I'm just going to concentrate on real estate, staging, and home decor.

    Sorry...I've been rambling...part of my brain fog!!!

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    i know how you feel. it feels like a tight knot is in your throat and you really do not know what to feel. hang in there and make sure you get a good lawyer.

    I will be thinking of you

  5. bewell4

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    thank you. maybe i can get my boyfriend to research it. i feel oddly weary and drained thinking of this; you might think that i would be energized and happy, but this whole process just sucks so much! i usually am totally proactive about researching and taking charge. its good to have the reminder. i guess i don't want* to have to emotionally fight..and the literally work. i am tired! i just want to be able to try and get good meals and enough rest so that i can feel some pain instead of totally overwhelmed. besides all the other things on my, getting the meds my new doc wants me to try. the point of ssdi for me is to be able to maybe more than survive and be in survival mode- to thrive and to get well. i guess i need to remember that although i don't *like this part, it is part of the healing (hopefully) and worthy of my attn... :)
  6. bewell4

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    thank you. how do i find a good doc!!!!?? (lamenting here) ..i am* trying. have been for 3 years. sigh. so overwhelmed. ah! have an idea-will write down. can ask at the support group which docs are ssdi support friendly. anyway, i appreciate the response, the support & encouragement. take care! :)
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    thx- wanted to say that i much appreciate your support and encouragement. it helped to read everyone's response. i did get a card for a "best" lawyer before i started the application. i have an appt next week! wish me luck! :)