Got My New Chrysacola Pendant

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It is beautiful. This stone is one which often comes up in my stone and crystal cards. It is a beautiful teal blue/green with spots of darker color. It is an oval stone set in heavy, but plain, sterling silver. I got it from QVC on closeout and easy pay. I have a sterling collar with a little loop in front and pendants just slide on and off.

    This stone's frequency and colors correlate to the heart and throat chakras if any of y'all are into chakra work. It also correlates to a new chakra in between for immunity. In the card deck, this stone stands for sacred sounds. It is supposed to help one speak lovingly from the heart. I could use it. Maybe it'll help me stay out of trouble from my big mouth :)

    I love to wear stones and crystals with properties which help me in my life.

    Love, Mikie
  2. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    The stone sounds incredible and wonderful. The art classes I go to, mention chakras a lot.

    Every year we have art therapy classes that are free and courtesy of the one Native American Tribe here. The teacher is incredible and she knows all about the chakras and has discussed them--she is very aware of them in art, in jewelry, in clothing, in colors we choose at home, and much more. she will start out class with us closing our eyes and talking us through meditating and she will have us seeing ourselves walking through a garden and then seeing something spectacular and wonderful but she doesn't say what it is, so that our meditating selves see it in our own minds in our own way.

    Then we do the art work and incorporate what we saw while meditating and the teacher has books to interpret figures, interpret colors, and many things, plus many times she discusses the chakras in what art work we do. We were to do a mandala and it came out of meditating on it (her walking us through meditating) and the colors we used and the figures or designs used meant so much in interpreting the mandala. I used the books to try to interpret my mandala and it was eye opening.

    At that same group of classes, I did my Shelby the Cat as the Queen of England and I researched the throne from the House of Lords to make it accurate. I had Shelby sitting on the throne quite regally as herself (no robe just her beautiful fur), but she was wearing the fantastic crown and the throne was very detailed and had fake jewels. At the bottom was enscribed "Queen Shelby." Shelby was with me in my scooter basket for the art classes and the teacher loved the project (and she loved Shelby).

    I'm thinking of using Shelby as my muse (or "mews" as you are a cat person) and every year create a woman of history or myth and use Shelby's face.

    I'm thinking of doing Shelby the cat as the Sphinx but Shelby is afraid I will think out of the litter box and overdo her Sphinx face and turn her face into Joan Crawford's with those thunderous eyebrows and those screaming blood red lips. I told Shelby that the Sphinx with Joan Crawford's face might just be way too much for people and animals, so I will not do that. Shelby said the Sphinx could also use some beautiful fake jewels if I am going to use her cat face.

    OR, I was thinking of doing Shelby as Medusa 2011. Medusa originally was a beautiful woman who caught the favor of Neptune. But a jealous goddess turned Medusa into the serpents in the hair and ugly creature that we all think of. I'm thinking of using shelby's face and turning Medusa back into a beautiful woman with a fantastic hairstyle and a super fashionista outfit. Shelby said "don't forget the jewelry."
  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    TCD, I looooove your stories about Shelby and what she is thinking. A cat who loves jewels is a cat after my own heart. I think using her face for historical women would be fabulous. I believe incorporating chakras and meditation into the creative process is a great idea. If our chakra column becomes clogged, it keeps us from everything the Universe has to offer. I imagine turning on the colored spheres in each chakra and feeling the warm light. Then, I imagine drawing all the wealth the Earth has to offer in the way of colored gems up through the chakra column and out through the top of my head to spill out and return to the Earth those minerals and gems I don't need. It's kinda like a cleansing exercise. Do you do any sculpting? I think sculpting Shelby's face would be wonderful.

    Jam, I agree about clothing. I never buy anything to wear online. First, I'm a tactile person and I like to feel the fabric. Second, I just don't like most of the clothes they sell on QVC and HSN. As I've mentioned, I wear tee shirts, Capri pants and sandals 99 percent of the time and I can buy those on sale cheaply here. I like the more organic jewelry made from natural stones. I only buy jewelry online when it's on sale and on easy pay. I think I'm about through buying jewelry but when this particular stone was offered, I had to get it. I like silver but it's even getting expensive. A lot of the jewelry offered now was bought by the shopping networks before the prices went up. There is a lot of silver around and behind the stone. They are doing more and more stainless jewelry which looks just like silver. It's great for people allergic to nickel. What kind of big crystal did you have? They have different properties. Smoky quartz is a healing crystal. Clear crystals can be "programmed" for almost anything. I keep some smoky quartz crystals in the Feng Shui health area in my condo.

    As y'all know, I am very sensitive to stones and crystals and colors. I have Feng Shuied my condo as a whole and some rooms themselves. I have tried to balance energy things with restful things and use color to enhance my life as I spend so much time here. I have used white or linen colored walls with neutral furniture with just a few pops of color. It's energizing but restful at the same time. My bedroom is a darker Dresden blue with chocolate drapes and lampshades. I have chocolate sheets with a few blue pillows. It's soooo restful.

    Love, Mikie

  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sometimes I just "know" I should buy something but I don't know why. It always turns out that it's so I can give it to someone who really wants or needs it. I think that this is again being tuned into the Universal intelligence. We interact with one another and are agents in each other's lives. For instance, your bringing the pendulum practice to me. When we are ready for things, they come to us through others.

    My decor is also very eclectic with more traditional things, like rolled-arm, slip-cover sofas and some European pine antique pieces which are about 200 years old. I mix them with newer things. I like abstract art and it looks modern but mixes well with everything. If you've ever seen a Ballard Design catalog or Nate Berkus' TV show, you get some idea of how I mix it up.

    I love old maps, clocks, compasses and pendulums. That's probably why the use of the pendulum appeals to me. I loved the one in San Francisco at the museum where it is used as a clock to show the rotation of the Earth around a fixed point in space. If I were to hang like a pendulum, the whole world would revolve around me :)

    BTW, those chocolate colored sheets are like silk. I can't believe I got them at Target. They are a higher-thread-count cotton. I got them on sale. I have a hard time finding sheets deep enough for my pillow top mattress.

    Hope you're having a good weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just checked out the the stone on line. It sounded so pretty and it is. The colors are so pretty and restful.

    Is there a picture of it on HSN where you ordered it? I would love to see the actual pendant. It sounded so unusual.

    Just wanted to pop in and tell you how pretty the stone was.

    Hope you, Jam and all have a great weekend. Quiet one here today. TTYL !

  6. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    My only jewelry comes as "gifts" from the cats for mother's day, birthday, etc. and they have a budget of $15 and they go to Target. Shelby the cat uses her feline fashionista fabulosity to select something purrrfect for me, and it always is.

    Back in the 80's the lawyer that owned a law firm that always went on vacation to Mexico brought me back a very large and beautiful light aquamarine crystal that is completely finished. he wanted to thank me for so much that I did. that crystal is incredible and I still have it. I never had anything near as beautiful as that and it has such depth and beauty and the color is so soothing and reminds me of some of the beautiful ocean waters that you see on TV, yet at times I look at it and it reminds me of a peaceful beautiful sky.

    I'm also someone that doesn't buy clothes online. I have to have "mom jeans" that stretch, and are really big on me and have a complete elastic wasteband due to my back injuries. They have to be very big and stretch so that I can get them on and off when my back is at its worse and I can't bend so well so I love that stretch and that they are so big on me so I can easily get them off-- and I can't have a regular waistband otherwise it aggrevates my back really bad). So I have to be able to try on clothes to make sure they are the "mom jeans" or "mom jeans shorts" and will meet my requirements.

    Shelby the cat knows the jeans and shorts have are large on me and when I miss her signals, she grabs a hold of a pant leg and shakes it hard and then I know she is telling me "I've been trying to get your attention." The other day she was shaking my shorts pant leg and I told her okay, I'll follow you and she took me to the front door and there was the mailman with a letter. EVEN THE CAT KNOWS I WEAR MOM JEANS and she uses that to her advantage.

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, I don't know whether it's still on QVC's website or whether it sold out. They sometimes keep things online for a while even when they do sell out. If you go to jewelry, you can click on pendants and then click on silver. You can try a search on crysocolla (just figured out I've been misspelling it). I can't remember how I got to it. I saw it on the show and waited until I just couldn't stand it anymore and ran out and ordered it. I had to find it first. Oh wait, better yet, look it up using the search feature with the item no., J153652.

    Yes, the stone is incredibly beautiful despite some of the ratings by people who had ordered it previously. The one in the show was gorgeous and I hoped and prayed mine would be too. It looks a bit like turquoise but it's more of a blue/green than blue. The background is lighter with little darker blobs, like clouds floating. Mine has only one very small gray matrix in it. I think people who got the stone with a lot of matrix weren't satisfied but you never know with these stones. They are all different. I love mine. I also love the shape of the pendant and the amt. of silver it has. The whole back of the stone is covered in silver with a cut-out design.

    So good to hear from you. I hope you are having a great weekend. I still haven't recovered from overdoing it last week but am better. I'm watching the orig. "Planet of The Apes."

    TCD, When I first got so sick and was bedridden most of the time, I used to get Capri pants at Wal-Mart that were cotton knit with elastic waist bands. I wore them loose and wore loose tees with them. That way, it wasn't like I was always in jammies but when I wanted to nap, they were even more comfortable than jammies.

    I was at Target and they had some really nice looking jewelry. I have made a few necklaces and think I may branch out into some stretch bracelets. I think I have enough jewelry now. The only reason I wanted the new pendant was for the value of the stone's frequencies.

    Aquamarine is a beautiful crystal/gem. It is relatively rare in large crystals. It is a very calming stone. As with crysocolla, it is a water element. Both stones help our throat chakra. Aquamarine helps with letting go of old situations, relationships and things which no longer serve our greater needs. By letting go, God can bless us with new abundance.

    Hmmm, I wonder what stone Shelby would like--perhaps Tigers Eye.

    Have a great day and enjoy what's left of the weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  8. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    Shelby the cat said to quickly write you back and tell you "Diamonds are a girl cat's best friend."

    Shelby saw a show on Dr. Phil where the lady was wealthy and her monkey had a butler, a maid, a chef and a body guard and the monkey had a beautiful room and had two cribs to sleep in and had beautiful outfits and real jewelry to wear.

    Shelby looked at me and said "that monkey in a diaper has all that, and yet I don't and I work all the time. Woman you have to get rich for us cats--I want the chef, beautiful coats and real jewelry; my brother only wants the chef and I demand a bathroom attendent to immediately clean my brother's litterboxes the minute he uses them (the boy's a pig)."
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    That Shelby knows what she wants! When we got Mr. Big from the pound, he was waaaay overweight and had horrible breath. He was wearing a pink collar with fake diamonds around it. A cat in drag! Since he was used to a collar, he took to the leash easily and I started exercising him a bit. Eventually, he would go out without the leash and stay with me. He eventually slimmed down to a more healthy weight and his breath improved a lot. As you know, big cats make big messes in their sand boxes. I had two for him, one in each bathroom so if he made a mess in one, he had another one which was clean until I could get to it. I had to buy oversized sand boxes for him to squeeze into. Sometimes, if I was sitting on the toilet, he would hop into his sandbox, next to the toilet. That cat liked to do everything with me.

    I think it's fine to spoil our fur babies but some of those wealthy people go waaaaaay overboard. I think if they have love, food, healthcare, shelter and a place to exercise and go potty, they are satisfied. When I lived in CO, I put sweaters on the dogs in the winter but it was for warmth more than vanity. Ya gotta keep long-haired dogs groomed but it leaves them without their natural coats. Poor little things freeze when they go outside.

    Funny thing, I don't wear my gems as much as I do my more organic stone and silver jewelry. I still have some gold but am going to sell some of it to buy new tires for my car. I'll keep the pieces I like but I have herringbone necklaces which have permanent kinks in them and other broken pieces. My Mom left me a big honkin' diamond ring but I don't wear it. I don't even wear my own diamond. I told my kids they can duke it out for the jewelry when I'm gone.

    Thanks again for another funny cat story. They always make me smile.

    Love, Mikie

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