Got My SSDI Approval Today!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LuvMeCritters, Dec 20, 2002.

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    I filed on Aug 2nd, online. Got the call today I was approved. I told her "I'm really surprised", and she asked "why?", and I said because I've heard it's really hard to get. Then I asked her what it was based on and I understood. I forget her exact words, but it's all to do with emotional/mental health issues. Nothing to do with my FM/CFS/IBS/DDD, which was more documented than my depression! Oh well, go figure. I just can't believe I got it so fast, and on my own, no lawyer. And I'm in FL, for those who want to know. First payment will start in Feb.
    Woo-hoo!! :)

    I guess it pays to go to those psych doctors. Even though I only had one visit! I'm sure it was his report that got me the disability. He stated that I should be permanently disabled "due to my mental illness". Not a nice way to be labeled. But I admit to having "problems" and I do have weekly counseling sessions.

    Good luck to everyone else!

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    Just be careful, the expect phyc. problems to go away and you may want to get your FMS/CFS more documented as your disability . We have had a few friends that got it and were told they were no longer in need because there phyc problem was no longer a disabilitating problem and they didn't get it due to FMS and or CFS. They went for the FMS/CFS next time. Get the doc to write that it is perminent so the reciews are much further apart.

    Good luck and that is great news!, Kim and Gary
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    Hey Regina,
    Thats great you got that. Where in Florida are you? Im in Dunedin (right next to Clearwater). Just curious :) Thats amazing you only had one visit and got it due to that. Ive gone to the same psych dr. for quite a while. Back when I was 19 because i had my first panic attack, and then went back to him after having my son 2 1/2 yrs ago because I had post partum depression. I still go to him though. Take casre :) ~Elobet
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    Kim and Gary, thanks for your input. My docs are still doing tests,(endoscopy, colonoscopy, bone scan, mammo)to rule out everything physical (due to weight loss), before they DX me as anorexic. One of the most difficult mental illnesses to heal. But even if I loose my SSDI, I still get disability retirement from the USPS, which is for my FM, etc. Thanks for your concern though. :)

    Elobet! I grew up in Dunedin. Went to Dunedin Elem, Jr. & Sr. High. Finally left when it got waaaaaay too crowded. I'm in Brooksville now. Pretty rural, but it's starting to build up. People from Tampa moving here now to live in the country since the new Suncoast Parkway makes the commute so much faster.

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    You are so lucky. The guy they sent me too refused me before I ever had a chance. My rheumy also dismissed it and said it was too soon. Weirdo's. If they had to live with my body they would change their tune. Happy you got it, you NUT! LOL Just kidding! Maybe soon for me I'm in appeals.