Got results from EMG..Now I'm really confused

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carlacat, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. Carlacat

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    My EMG showed I dont have carpel tunnel so what in the world could it be? It still is swollen and much pain and hurts to write or hold my arms up. I'm almost ready to tell my doc I want a bone scan done. Plus yesterday I over did it. I had to go to courthouse to get my property tax slip so I could get my car registered and I had to climb two flights of stairs. I payed for it immeditly and still feeling the effects. It sent me into a mini flare where I felt like crap and was so sleepy. Needless to say after I climbed the stairs which took me forever to get up..I noticed there was an elevator. *&^%$#@
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    I know what you mean about the carpel tunnel like pain? I wonder what causees it?? It is very painful...I thought maybe I was going nuts..LOL It it very annoying, I have a hard time raising my hands above my head, or grabbing stuff..Did your doc give you any other hope as to what causes the pain???

    Let me know..But, hang in there!
  3. Carlacat

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    at my test results and see if he can come up with anything. When I hear I will let ya know if he came up with any ideas. Someone said it could also be TOS(thoric outlett syndrome)who knows?
  4. Lendi

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    I'm sorry you had to go through and emg and not even get any info. They hurt!!! About thoracic outlet syndrome...which part of your hand goes numb? If it's your litle finger and your ring finger and one side of your middle finger it could be thoracic. When you raise your arm, lieing down do your fingers go numb? If it's your thumb, pointer and middle it would give the impression of carpal tunnel. I have both. Thoracic outlet for over 18 yrs. Had to have ribs removed to help. Carpal tunnel for several years, probably even then, but they were too concerned about thoracic outlet to deal with it. It did show up on a recent emg, which I didn't even have done for it. Was checking for polymyositis and ct showed up. Hope you get some answers soon. Hugs, Lendi
  5. Annette2

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    I saw my rheumy last week regarding my hands too. She said I might be getting arthritis. The fat part of my hands where the thumbs are hurt like hell! I feel a burning sensation there. It could be something with the tendons or something. She told me to go back to taking Mobic, but it's not helping. I have to call her on Monday. Also, I know we're supposed to walk stairs to help with exercise, but I always take an elevator. My legs hurt awful if I climb stairs.

  6. joannie1

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    did he say it could be tendonitis? I have troubles with my hands and such and that is what the Rheumo said I had. Sorry you had to go through that and get no answers. It's all very flustrating but, keep your chin up okay.
    Yake care.