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    Hi Everyone
    Cindy Green hear, Well I got the sea Salt just been putting a bit in pop !! Will someone Please tell me the dose, Usally takin In a day & or in each Drink
    Thankyou so much
    love ya all God Bless
    I;ll be a grandma Any day ,For the First time cant wait
    pss:: How do I put my Pitcher w/ my profile, any help would be Great THANKS AGAINE!!!!!!!
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    Did you say you're mixing the salt in a carbonated beverage? Like coke or diet coke or something like that? I've never heard of drinking it in that - I think it's best to avoid soda for the most part. Just doesn't sound appetizing to add sea salt on top of it, lol. I hope it works out for you, but I also hope you're avoiding bad sugars and the heavy chemical sweeteners! :)
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    you're supposed to take a 1/4 tsp. with plenty of water. I take mine over already cooked food and read on here you're supposed to drink half your weight in OUNCES of water.

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    Hello againe and Thankkyou,,
    Yes I'm A pop drinker!!!!! And Havent Had Much of a Problim Dringing it in Thier, Exept Yesterday i Tryed Pooring it in, My Can Of Pop with a spoon & FIZZZZZ
    Was EveryWear!!!!!!! lol, I Gess I Should of got
    the Hint it wasn"t right when , the Pop Fizzed all over my Counter HAha,,,
    Speacking of Sweetner's ,{I Do drink Diet Coke,,,}
    I'll Tell ya My Husband know's This young Guy at Work , Big time Body Builder ,Well Mth"s Back , He all of a Sudden !!!!, GOT Real Week, Sick} well come to find out , becuse he was on such a Stick, Diet , The {Diet Gum }This Guy Staret chewing!!! Was The Problim.& I had herd It wasn't Real Good for Us or Anyone , That Fack suger, So I Went Off Diet Pop , & Sweetener in my Coffee for abought a mth that's how long it Took This Guy to Get Better,,
    My Husband suggested I'd Just try it to See if it made a diffence , It Didn't ,,But If you Can tell me Why it's so Bad , I'd Love to Listen , I do That Well, [ lol,, ] I have Friends w/ Fibro , And They Drink /Caffene diet coke , as I do ,,And They'v Had this DD longer then I .. I was diagnosed 4 1/2 yr's ago.. w/ help of Dr.& Friends & Family, We nerrow It To abought 10 yr's Back Adlest!!!!
    {{{{{Please send any help out their}}}}} Much Needed & wanted,
    Thank"s Cindy Green
    I do like the Ideal Of putting it over cooked food w/ water in it , Is what I beleave the second post put , thanks , a litle moor detail would be nice , I got the 1/4
    ( is that just once a day , then double water intake ?
    I Dont drink Water like I should but will, If that"s how you'r sapoto to it!!!! I'll do Anything to help Inpower myself w/ Wisdom !!! Thankyou
    God-bless Cindy
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    Not only does all the sugar and chemicals in regular and diet soda wreak havoc in our system, it also eats away at your teeth enamel. Yuck!

    Marilyn :)
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    can cause all kinds of health problems. I have been using some stuff called stevia for a couple of years. It helps with weight loss and is all natural. It comes in powder, tablets or liquid form. It takes some practice to learn to cook with it but, it's great in coffee & cereal etc.

    By the way, if you take your salt just a little in your hand throughout the day it will help you to get down more water if you're having trouble drinking enough throughout the day. It should be 1/2 of your weight in ounces.

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