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    So no lupus or RA-I have been cleared. I did go to see another dr who did blood work for deficienies, viruses and bone cancer (which those that know me I am SO paranoid I have). He also has referred me to a neuro should the blood work check out.

    I am still getting pains in my joints and now they are cracking non stop. I am also getting shooting pains in my legs. I am exhausted and depressed over my dad. I can hardly concentrate now, its weird I just feel totally spaced out. The thing that concerns me most are these pains that seem to move around my body.
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    RA does not show up in a lot of people's blood work. I have heard many say that and mine does not.

    Get a bone scan for osteoarthritis.
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    A bone scan will also show bone cancer. I would think they would have found something in your liver tests among others if you had bone cancer. But I am not a doctor.

    I had a bone scan when I had an elevated liver enzyme. They determined it was from my bones. I had the bone scan and it came out fine. The enzyme finally came down to normal after a few months. They have no idea what caused it.

    THe test is painless however it was fascinating seeing my bones on the monitor. I could see several "hot spots" that are arthritis however, I have never had pain in these spots.

    I am so sorry about your father. This must be a stressful time for you and your family.

    Healing thoughts,

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    That cracking grating feeling in your joints sounds similar to what i had. My cfs dr said it is a sign of oxidative stress and to take high doses of antioxidants, i took 1000mg of vit e and vit c morning and night and it made a difference. If i stop antiox it returns. Antiox doesnt help with muscle aches etc just the joint grating.
    Hope this helps

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