Got some really good news this morning and wanted to share.

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    I got a copy of what my insurance paid to my doc to do my cervical spine surgery that I had in Januray. My doc charged (get ready for this) a whopping $16,702.00. No that is not my hospital bill, that is what my neurosurgeon charged do remove the ruptured disc, do the bone fusion and put the hardware in my neck holding me all together. I got a copy yesterday showing what my insurance paid and I was just sick. I have been so depressed lately anyway with this other health problem dumped on me, I swear I felt like just giving up. My insurance paid him $2,588.81 towards his $16,702.00 charges. I thought there is no way I can pay off his fees plus pay off the amount left over on the hospital bill. I called my insurnace this morning to find out where I start to go through the apppeal process trying to get them to pay more. She pulled up the claim and said my doctor had signed a letter of acceptance meaning he would accept whatever CHAMPUS paid to him as payment in full. I couldn't believe it!!! I am not responsible for the other $14,000!!! He was on a list I was provided by my insurance as neurosurgeons in the Evansville IN area that accepted CHAMPUS so maybe he is used to dealing with them and just figured he would make it up on the next patient. I am not gonna look a gift-horse in the mouth My hospital bill has not been processed yet so I am still waiting to see if they did the same as my neuro guy and signed a letter of acceptance. I doubt it, I couldn't get that lucky. Oh well, wanted to share my goood news.
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    If you happen to get billed anyway, be sure and call and dispute it. I had this happen when I had all 3 of my kids. The hospital was supposed to accept what insurance paid as payment in full. Well every time, I always got a bill. Every time, I had to call them and dispute it and they would then say, well just disregard the bill, sorry. They WILL try to go ahead and get the money sometimes. (This was just MY experience with the hospital). But, also, hospitals will accept any payment, however small, as long as it's a consistant one so be sure to try that angle if you need to. I know someone who is paying like $10 a month (which will take her FOREVER to pay off) but the hospital accepted it.
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    But even if he didn't accept it, I heard that over 50% of people who go through the appeals process win. So keep that in mind if any thing happens in the future.

    Wow what a blessing to not have to be stress about a medical bill. That can be very overwhelming, for one thing it's not like you can return it for a refund...LOL

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    such a small place out in the country, we have a river marina that sells gas and a few groceries. And that is it, no post office, no other stores, no nuttin. lol lol I tell people, I live so far out in the boonies, they have to pipe sunshine in to us everyday. Actually I love it though, I couldn't handle the big city.
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    That's not to bad for a half a days work. I'd like to make that in a month.

    GOOD LUCK with your back

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    I'm so happy that it worked out for you. You must be so relieved! I don't know what I would have done with a 14000 bill. Cried, I think!
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    This is how all medicine works today. The doc charges a big amount, the insurance pays very little of it, and the doc writes off the rest. When docs, and other providers like hospitals, sign up for participation in CHAMPUS and other managed care programs, they agree to accept these small payments. The patient is not required to pay the difference.

    Love, Mikie
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    Especially when they involve that almighty monolith, the insurance industry!!!

    Glad this is a weight off your shoulders!

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    Great news for you...lessens the stress.

    It's when I see stories like this I thank God? that I live in OZ. If you attend at a public hospital down here you don't pay for anything and it's the public hospitals that are the primary care centers here.
    We don't have medical bills unless we go private and then you have medical insurance which only costs a few dollars (US) a week.

    Here's hoping that you don't get slugged with the hospital bill.
    Wishing you peace
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