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    Sorry this is so long.

    I'm not sure how to answer/word some of the questions. Actually there are 2 questionairs. One is for work history & the other medical issues.

    I called lawyers, but they won't help until you've been denied. So I have to fill these out myself & they want them back in 7 days!

    My history:

    I have lower back pain due to DDD/herniation/numb feet/muscles jumping in both legs, mostly left side. Thyroid Disease/Grave's/now hypo. Fibro/fatigue/memory problems/body wide pain-usually tolerable/sleep problems. MPS mostly in shoulders/arms. Also neck pain possible arthritis. Having a EMG nerve study done tomorrow & also neck x-rays. Had a MRI in 2004 for lower back. Due to Gastritis (stomach) I can't take most meds as they rip my stomach up & then I get real dizzy. So I didn't go to the doc that much cause all they do is rx you meds. I suffered in silence & my Huz kept me going with deep massage. I do exercise 3 times a week, but limit have to physical activity as I know it will cause me more pain.

    My back went out in August throwing my whole body into major trauma. I'm dealing with so much right now I don't know where to begin. I've been in physical therapy since then, but it ends this week.

    The Questionairs:


    They attached a post-it-note stating they need detailed info of my job(s) I worked from 1998-2006. There are 6 identical pages starting with Job Title 1 & going to Job Title 6. I'm assuming since I had the same job I only fill out 1 page?

    I was an Administrative Assistant. My hours were 4-6 hours per day 3 days a week. Most weeks I worked a total of 18 hours. On rare occassions, like tax audit times/etc I'd add another 6 hours max.

    I also worked a job this year for 15 weeks, but there's no mention of it. I also have my own internet embroidery business, which has just been sitting non-active since last fall. Also no mention of that.

    Questions I am confused on:

    "How many hours a day did you: stand, walk, sit, bend, stoop, crawl, crouch, write or type, etc?" They have a line for each one.

    Well what if it varied from day to day? I was, besides my boss, the only employee. I did all the office work, which required computer time, answering phone, filing, filling out forms, etc. I would say I mostly sat more than did the other things, but I had the option to move about at will.

    Page 8 is for remarks. As I told my Huz I've gotten so used to dealing with stuff I have no idea what to put down. I have gotten worse since I left that job too.

    Medical Impairment:

    "Who depends on you for care (spouse, children, parents, pets, etc)? What care do you give them?(note any changes in your ability to do this because of your condition)".

    Huz takes care of himself & now helps me. My poodles (4) are a matted up mess. I used to be able to keep them in full show clips, but that stopped about 2 years ago when I herniated the disc in my back. I do feed them once a day, but that's not a major task. I also let them out & back in. They do not get walked as we have a fenced in yard. Huz helps me take them to the vet. I had to shave them down a few months ago, nbut that was before my back went out & they're a real mess again. I can sit & do some brushing, btu it increases my back/shoulder pain.

    I also have 3 parrots. My Huz helps with them allot, but I have to bath them which is really easy & quick, clip their wings & file their nails. He can't handle them, but he does all the cage cleaning. So how do I answer this?

    "Hobbies or things you do for enjoyment"

    Well I love to play games on the computer & also do research, but sitting at the computer has become painful to my shoulders/neck/lower back. I can not sit as long as before due to MPS in shoulders & neck pain. Also lower back pain increases.

    I sew, but haven't really done much at all since last fall. I hope to get back to it soon tho as it relaxes me. I love bird watching from April to August, as we have a small Purple Martin colony each year. Another thing I like doing is going on a short Harley ride with my Huz. I doubt I can get on the bike now tho due to my back, but hope to in the future. I haven't been able to go on a long ride since the disc went in 2004 tho. Most of my day is some computer, some Tv & then a nice 3 hour nap. I get supper with Huz's help, more Tv, some computer & then bed. If weather is nicce I go out for some sun. Huz has been doing most of the house work/dishes/etc. Sounds like a very active life...NOT!

    "How many times a day are you able to climb a flight of stairs"?

    How the heck do I know?? I have a 2 story house/bathroom & bedroom on 2nd floor. I just do stuff & deal with the pain! What would be a decent answer? I mean who counts how many times they go to the 2nd floor!!

    "When did you first experience fatigue"?

    Well this goes all the way back to 1987 when they took my thyroid, hit me liek a ton of bricks & then it got better with meds for a few plus years(never ever has it been normal tho), then Fibro hit me & it got allot worse. Doc put me on Cytomel & it got better for a while, but then back to worse again. I have no records that I know of pertaining to thyroid, other than recent, as my docs(had 3 over a 10 year period) shredded all of them since I changed docs. Again no idea how to answer this.

    "Was the fatigue related to the onset of an illiness"?

    This one I'm assuming I answer Thyroid & Fibro?

    "How long does fatigue last"?

    I'm never normal energy, so do I state that or just say 3-4 hours a day or what? Every day I get hit with major fatigue around noon & have to sleep 2-3 hours or I'm worthless, totally brain dead can't even handle a conversation. The rest of the time I have some energy, but not normal. Prior to this recent back problem I was doing some minor yard work, house cleaning, etc, but nothing major. Huz helps me with everything & has for a long time.

    "When did your pain begin"? & "What caused you to start having pain"?

    I've had so many years of pain I don't know. Back went out major in 1984 & at least once or twice every year since. I just toughed it out & kept going. Had lots of trips to the Chiro back then. I've always had some sort of pain daily since then. I've had Fibro pain for a good 7 years now. Do I just go with the last several years of Fibro or go all the way back to 1984 for the back pain too? I don't know if my Chiro has records that far back. Original Chiro sold out & I have no idea if the new one has the old records anymore.

    "Have you been referred to a psychologist/psychaitrist to help cope with pain?"

    No! My pain is real, not in my head. I've suffered in silence for years & only take meds when I get real bad. I'm trying to avoid back surgery as a last resort & so is my doc & the sergeon. Physical Therapy told me if it weren't for my Huz doing deep massage on me all these years I'd be much worse. Do I put that down?

    Last question says.... "to provide additional comments on how my impairment limits my ability to work".

    I know allot depends on how you word things & I sure don't want to mess this up. Allot of my issues(memory/stress/anxiety/depression/etc) are not documented, that I know of, by my doc(s) yet. With only 15 minute doc apts to deal with issues I went with the back/shoulders/neck first. I'd appreciate suggestions.

    Sorry this is so long, but I need help filling this stuff out.


  2. kjfms

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    It looks like you have got a great start. You seem to have a lot of the questions answered.

    Do a search on this site there have been many threads on this subject.

    There is also a disabiality tab at the top of the page you can look at.

    I have noticed quite a few here suggest:

    you might give that site a look -- you could probably get some good information there.

    Good luck,

    Karen :)

  3. TKE

    TKE New Member

    I know my post is long, but would appreciate any suggestions on how to word the answers.

  4. angiecw71

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    I just got a paper like that, but I am not allowed to fill it out. I had a phone interview which I had to answer some questions like those work questions. I just got an 8 page form for me to have a third party fill out. Most of those questions no one could answer except my husband so I am going to call them this morning to see if my husband can fil them out. It askes questions about taking care of pets, family members etc. House cleaning etc. So no one knows these answers because no one ever comes to my house to see what I do. I haven't had anyone to come to my house at all in at least 6 months..

  5. Vette

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    Hi Toy, I just had my Hearing a week ago so have already filled out these form's (more than once) a few years back.
    You have to answer all of those unfortunately, and, you will have to estimate. Symptoms do change from day to day and so do your abilities. You'll have to average out how many hours each day you could do those things. I tried thinking about it in a 2 to 4 week period as far as "fair" days and "horrible" days to help me. What SS is looking for is if there is ANY type of job you could do with the answers you gave on the form. We have a tendency to make ourselves sound less ill to people when we explain the symptoms.....this is a time where you can't afford to do that. Durring one of the last visit's with my Attorney, pre-Hearing I mentioned that I prop my feet up under my computer desk (at hip level) and lean back in my chair when I'm on it. I had no idea this was very important info for my case. You are not considered able to do any sort of job if you must keep your feet elavated most of the time he told me. Do the BEST you can do on the forms, I know it's hard, my brain-fog is severe and calculating is what I'm worst at. Don't minimize your symptoms. Pain level should be between 6 and 8 (even if it's just one area) on a 1 to 10 level. Hope this helps, I'm not very good at following up on here but will try to remember to see if you ask something else.
    Peace, Vette
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    I had to fill out the same forms way back when. I feel it is better to lean on the answers that show that you are not able to function normally. I would not understate it.
    The worse, the better. Honest, of course.

  7. cavegirl

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    My best advice is (and the reason I got disability the first time around) is to: elaborate!!! Type your answers if you need to. But don't leave anything out and don't assume the person who will be reading will know what you're trying to say. list every single thing you cannot do and why - does it cause more pain, etc. When I got those forms, for the ones that I could answer on the paper, I did but for the longer quesitons, I just put see attached and typed up my answers. I types 20 pages on my fibro, 15 on the myofascial pain, 5 on migraines and 5 on depression. And that is what I was told to do from another person who had just gotten it early. Good luck!


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