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    I went in for my arm going numb and pain more than usual. I was was sent to a neurolgist. She told me I have radiculopathy. The neuro doc did an EMG and stuck a needle in different places from my palm to the top of my neck. The needle stuff didn't bother me, but since then I've had terrible pain in my neck and severe migrains. My PCP sent me to have a MRI and CT to see if I needed surgery. BIG DRUM ROLL HERE......everything is normal Mrs. Camp.

    Don't get me wrong....who the heck wants a doctor to tell you something is wrong with you. It's just getting old knowing I'm sick and they can't figure out why.

    So...I should get my Cuddle Ewe in a few days and have made an appointment with a chiropractor and a massage...maybe that will help me.

    Does anyone else out there have radiculopathy? If so what has been your experience?

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    I had major major radiculopathy from my back.
    I also get it in arms and hands depending on what
    I am doing. Chiropractors can be good. I had
    the EMG and I bled from the needles. I also couldn't
    stand it when they twisted those needles. Believe it
    or not, I asked for this test because my orth surgeon
    wanted me to have another myelogram. I said
    no way, let them stick me with needles instead!
    I had severe sciatica down both legs and into feet and had lots of numbness. Epidural injection helped
    me in that department. My back pain is bad but
    the sciatica is much much better. I have had
    injections in shoulders as well. Give the chiro
    a go if you trust him. I also had PT for my arm
    and neck trouble. If you ever do physical therapy,
    just make sure you don't let anyone bully you into
    doing something that causes you extreme pain.
    My back PT person I believe, injured my neck
    and shoulder in the long run.

    Good luck,
  3. babyblues68

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    What is a myelogram? Is radiculopathy something that goes away or is it pernament damage? My doctor hasn't been to informative before the MRI and CT. I haven't talked to him since. I got the results from his nurse. She didn't say anything except everything was clear, which I'm getting use to.

    I'm making an appointment for next week to talk to him. I'm at the ends of my rope with him, but have to keep dealing with him until I find another doctor.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    I have degenerative disc disease with a bone spur in cervical spine (neck) that radiates pain down my arm and through my shoulder blade(that is all radiculopathy means....that the pain or numbness radiates).
    Physical therapy helped me avoid surgery. I still have to do my PT exercises every other day to maintain my improvement, and it's worth it to avoid the knife. Back surgery is often unsuccessful.
    A myelogram is an x-ray where they inject die into your spine.