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    I just opened up last night's mail and got the hospital bill for being in the emergency room and then admission into the hospital (two days) two weeks ago and it was close to $12,000----I should be the bionic woman for that cost. I was sweating as to how much I would have to pay of this and contacted the HMO and my only cost will be $250 and the HMO said they work the hospital down on what the HMO themselves have to pay of this.

    So I will arrange to make payments of the $250 and that's a whole lot better than $12,000--If I had to pay $12,000, they'd have me back in the hospital again!!!!

    I didn't pray for this bill because I didn't want to burden Him, but good happened. Cesar the cat was up on the desk and I put a hand on Cesar and I thanked God again for helping me through the hospital AND helping me with the hospital bill!! (The cats are used to me praying in the morning with them and I'll put hands on them usually while I pray in bed. So Cesar had no problem with being up on the desk and me putting a hand on him.)
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    Julie, thanks I'm doing well. Cardiac tests came out fine and they're going to be following up with me as they never found an answer as to why I even had the symptoms I had.

    It may seem strange to people, but I consider my cats a blessing from God. They came at a time when things were bad and although I didn't realize it at the time, He knew they were exactly what I needed in my life. He knew I was disabled in a scooter, but He knew that I would soon be training the cats to ride in the scooter basket, to attend meetings with me, to go to the Senior Center with me and so much more. God knew all along and He kept it to himself and just waited for me to take the path He set. I smile when I think about it.

    Take care and hugs.
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    Whew!! That must be a huge relief. I did not know that insurance companies can negotiate how much you are charged.

    You post makes me want to get another cat, however I live in a small apartment, have no idea where I would put the kitty litter, plus they ask for a three hundred deposit. You have to get a letter from your landlord to get a cat from the Humane Society.

    I understand the need for the deposit, especially in a town where there are a lot of college students.

    My Miss Kitty, was named after Amanda Blake from Gunsmoke, as she died the day we got Miss Kitty. You may be too young to remember this show. They had a woman who played a barmaid and her name was Miss Kitty.

    We lost her about seven years ago at the age of 16. She was the cat my daughters grew up with. When not feeling well, she would always cuddle up to me, seemed to know where and when I was in pain and would lick my hand like a mother cat licking her kittens.

    I love the picturing you riding in your scooter with the cat in the basket.

    I have always wanted to train a cat to ride in the car with me.

    Take care.


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    Two Cats. Am really glad to hear your bill got slashed. I just cant imagine bills for an emergency visit to hospital coming to that!!! Looks like the good Lord is looking out for you even if you didnt want to burden him with personal requests.

    I do remember the postive outcomes of your parking space problems, and Cesar the cat getting better from that health scare. It is nice when good things happen and to know maybe someone is holding your hand throughout the difficult times.

    Hello to the kitties

    God Bless
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    Yes, I remember Miss Kitty (Amanda Blake) from Gunsmoke with James Arness. When my son was born I don't know if it was still on, but my son was named Matt. In the Hospital Nursery, the nurses would call him the "little Matt Dillion."

    My cat Shelby and I are going to the local Depression support group meeting today. Of course she'll ride in my scooter basket (and it has a nice comfy pillow with very soft blankets so she has a sort of "limo" ride) and she wears her vest with her leash hooked onto it. Plus I have a tether from my scooter basket hooked onto her vest. I actually had a schizophrenic adult woman try to pick Shelby up and take her and thank goodness Shelby was tethered in.

    One time, and one time only, Shelby tried to jump out of the scooter basket and was hanging there up in the air, no struggling, in her vest looking up at me as if to say "this jumping out was really dumb and now I'm hanging here in my vest--I look pretty silly for a cat, so okay, I've learned my lesson and you can rescue me and I won't do it again."

    We leave early for the group support meeting because we go through the Senior Center to get to the back where the meeting rooms are. We always get stopped by people who either remember Shelby and want to say hello, or never met her and want to pet her. Shelby is always up to seeing them and being petted and loved and I see the faces of the people and they love it.