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    i found out today i have lyme 41band whatever that means......can someone tell me who do i see.... and can someone reccormend a good lyme dr in new york. thanks
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    You can find a Lyme literate MD (LLMD) several ways....

    You can go to the left side of the screen click on Support Groups....then click on United States.....then click on New York.....see a list of New York area support groups......find one near you, click on it, and contact the person listed to ask for names of recommended LLMD's.


    Go to on Flash Discussion.......sign up for free like you did on the "Seeking a Doctor' on Post a New Topic......and create a post saying that you "Need a LLMD in New York" can even list the closest large city to you so they know what part of NY you are in.

    You will receive a private message with names of LLMD's in NY.

    Only the Dr's first initial of his last name is used publically and his state...not his city.

    LLMD's names are protected because they put themselves on the line everyday to treat chronic lyme patients successfully with long term combination antibiotic therapy following ILADS guidelines.

    The infectious disease society of america (IDSA) says that chronic lyme does not exist and that long term antibiotic therapy does not work and is dangerous.....despite thousands of recovered chronic lyme patients.

    You can learn alot on have a Medical Questions board, General Support board, Activism board, Seeking a Dr board, etc.

    Hope to see you there....on that board I am Dekrator48.

    Another way to find a LLMD is to contact the lyme disease association at I think you have to create a password and sign in to request a LLMD.

    I'll be leaving today for several days. There are lots of nice people there who will help you.

    There are great people here too, but this board is very slow, unlike's boards which move fast with responses.

    Band 41 is the flagella (tail) of an organism. Did you have your western blot through Igenex or through a regular lab like LabCorp or Quest?

    Only Igenex tests for all bands, including some very lyme specific bands that the other labs leave out.

    Many people with lyme have only had officially negative lyme tests. Lyme is a clinical diagnosis based on history and symptoms.

    Be sure to read the info in the links I provided to one of your questions on the FMS/CFS board.

    There is much more besides that to read and learn.
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    also check the links at the top sticky...