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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by swehling, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. swehling

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    Where do you get the strength just to get your laudnry and minor house cleaning done?! I found I really can't vacuum anymore (I have a degenerating back). Last weekend I had to do it(doghair,leaves from dogs dragging in etc,) I could barely move the next day and all week it was sooo painful. I'm sitting here now wondering where I'm going to get the energy to do what MUST be done before the next work week.ARGHHHH There is no one to help me and I can't afford a cleaning service. Anyone have any ideas!!!
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    Have you looked into hiring a cleaning service. Maybe it's just our area but cleaning services are very reasonal in our area. I know you say you can't afford to hire someone but if you contact some local services they might could offer low prices just to come in and vacuum and do laundry.

    There are so many options you could consider i.e. someone coming once a month or even bi-weekly? Cleaning services are at your disposal.

    I have owned my own cleaning business for a little over ten years and I took a break for about 2 years and recently have started back with a full work load. I am busier than I ever was before and am looking for someone to help because I can't continue to do this by myself.

    I am married and we have three kids ages 5,9,14 and I am lucky that my hubby will do everything without complaining if I find myself getting behind. The kids keep up with chores and it seems to work.

    Prior to me going back to work I had to do a little everyday or it would build up. I find when I cook I wash dishes as I'm cooking and I don't have a sink load when I'm done. Once I get started cleaning I dont feel so bad except I can't stop until I'm done. Laundry has got to be the worst too and having a family of five doesn't take long to have basket

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    I wear myself out vacuuming. I have to do it left handed/armed since my right shoulder and arm are basically blown out ... lol. My stairs are really bad but I do not have the strrength to attempt them.

    That roomba (sp) may be a good idea if you can afford one? Unfortunately I am poor and will have to continue to work with my beat up old Sears canister vacuum and pain meds ... lol. I just try to pace myself. Actually I managed to do the laundry, vacuum one room, and do some dishes. I must be improving?

    I also have no one to help me and cannot afford help.
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    yes-I've looked into the roomba- it is expensive and not sure it does that graet a job- but I may be forced to get one. My back is bad they told me have another herniated disc mid back and that the bones that support my spine are desinigrating. When I asked the nuero if I'd be in a wheel chair in a few years he hesitated way to long w/ a response of I couldn't tell you. I tell everybody now to take as good care of themselves as possible- you never know what can happen just a few months. A year ago I was able to function w/ no serious problems (just lots of little junk)and now I find it hard to drag myself out of bed w/crying.
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    Try calling your local Girl Scouts.These young lady's work on badges and love helping out to earn there badges.

    My friend who is also ill has some girls come in every month.Cost nothing but snacks and something to drink.She says they do a very good job.

    There are also youth groups at local Churches that go out and help those in need.