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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Sheila1366

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    I was having a typical long drawn out discussion with my daughter.She is turning in her 2 weeks notice Friday.She went on and on about all the bad things she was going to say to her boss.All negative.Well, the letter that was written( by me ) was positive.She read the letter and said that sounds good.Then 30 minutes later she is talking about her day at work and started talking again about what she was gonna say when she left.Once again I tried to explain to her that you don't want to leave a job with a bad impression it may hurt her chances in getting another job due to a possible feedback from her past employer.Thank God my husband was in the room so he could hear what I was saying and my tone.My daughter always says I am mad,or asks me do you her the tone in your voice.Typical mother/daughter stuff.

    Anyway my point is,when she tried to turn this all on me and make it out that I was not on her side I got this sudden pain in my ribs and back.It was like spasms,it took my breath.The last time I got real upset a week ago I got very sick and was hurting really bad.

    Do emotional upsets cause any of you sudden pain too?

  2. Bailey-smom

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    I do not like confrontation (i can not spell) in my family. I do not like it when other people turn the issue at hand back to some problem with me just to stop the discussion because they do not like what they are hearing.

    I do notice that if I am dealing with those issues I start to hurt worse & I have often wondered if it is because of the muscle tension.

    I wish you the best & hope that your daughter will soon realize that mom's do know something. It took me until I was in my 20s to discover that fact.

  3. nanna4550

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    sometimes they have to learn their lessons on their own.
    At least you tried to reach her and said what was important to say about her job. She can accept it or not. My daughter and I used to butt heads a lot, too.
    She is a mom now and has matured a bit, and doesn't live with me, so we just don't do it anymore.
    I do remember how my body would react to the conflict with
    pain. Also, when I get angry or stressed out, pain covers me. I try to remain calm, but I'm not always successful.
    I remember reminding myself to talk to my daughter as if I was talking with a close friend (focusing on the relationship instead of the problem). This really helped me. Best of wishes
  4. mtnfla

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    I have noticed that when I either get upset or worried,that the pain seems to come out of no where.

    Lately I have been feeling that way alot and I guess I shouldn't hold it any longer and confront my husband about my suspusions that I think he is cheating on me.

    I could be wrong,but it has been eating away at me alot lately.Especially since my Birthday,he talked with one of my coworkers to remind him it was my Birthday(had to work on my birthday).

    Than my husband do anything for my birthday, not even an e-greeting card,but found out he sent one to a female coworker.

    He went to his Grandmother yesterday and I tried to call my cell phone ( he has it turned off) and with all my medical problems I'm wondering why he did this and he hasn't even called to check on me,but claims he concern about my health.

    When I was real sick back in August he made a comment and I didn't think too much about it,but now I am."Claims he couldn't take much more of this,but would keep me on his medical insurance policy"

    Now I'm wondering just what did he mean by that.

    Sorry I got carried away and started venting..

    Take care

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