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    Hi,I just now saw that you replied to a past post of mine on rehab. Thanks for your info. What state are you in that you were able to get that kind of help? I'm in Oklahoma and I called them one time and all they would tell me was that I had to be in school,that's where I got that from. Perhaps I spoke to the wrong person and wrong department. I'll be 50 in Aug and don't know how much longer I can hold down a fulltime job. After I drew all my unemployment I found a job at a very small rural hospital on the night shift. It's not alot of physical work like I was doing at the nursing home,have very few patients. I have FM and it's not so much the pain it's the severe fatigue I have and it's all I can do to get ready and go. Plus I have to drive out of town.
    If that's true about the SSA raising the amount of money you can make from 800 to 900 a month,I haven't heard or read that yet,it will be nice. My voc rehab office is out of town so when I call them again what dept should I ask for and what kind of questions do I ask? Anything you can tell me will help out. Do they help with any kind of housing that you know of?

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