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    Hi,was reading a post and saw your reply. You mentioned you get help thru vocational rehab. I know we live in different states but can you give me some info on how they do that. I've been on unemployment and it's running out in Jan and haven't found anything I can do,have FM. Plus they don't have an office in my town and I'd have to drive 40 minutes to get where they are and I don't have a reliable car. anything you can tell me would be appreciated.
    Also seems at one time someone told me you have to be enrolled in college before they will help you,I don't want to go to school,can't handle it.

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    Hi Keke,

    Sorry to butt in, but I saw your post asking about voc rehab and I have been going thru it for a while now myself, so I thought maybe I could lend some info while you wait for gothbubbles to reply to you.

    I live in Cali and my MIL is a Vocational Rehab Counselor so that's how I found out about it.

    Basically, The Department of Rehabilitation is a state service provided to folks who have illnesses/disabilities and due to those illnesses/disabilities (they have to be well documented by your doc) you can no longer perform the work duties that your current career requires, the DOR will pay for your to get retrained in a new field.

    You will have an initial intake apt. where you will bring in your doc notes/medical files, etc. and you will meet your new counselor. During that meeting you let your counselor know WHY you can no longer work at your current career and what OTHER jobs you think you would like to be trained to do. Be realistic in your ideas, but also this is the time where you can really pursue your dreams.

    DOR will pay for EVERYTHING. They will pay for your tuition or course fee, books, supplies, transportation, etc. Sometimes they will pay for a computer/laptop or software to help you if you have a hard time typing.

    I have a BA, but I stopped being able to work in the environment that I had been working in due to physical limitations. SO, my DOR counselor and I have come up with a plan:

    Short Term: they paid for my EMT training and will shortly be paying for my phlebotomy coursework. They pay for my books, school supplies, gas money, and any other fees, thingd that may come up.

    Long Term: they are paying for pre-med courses and after I have been working as an ER tech for a while at a trauma center, I hope to apply to a medical school's master's program in order to become a Physician's Assistant.

    They're primary goal is to GET YOU WORKIN! So, for me, most likely, once I am working at an ER, they will close my file for the time being and when I am ready, I can come back and reopen my file so that I can pursue my PA goal. OR, should I be unable to perform my ER tech duties due to new disabilities or health problems, I can always come back and create a new goal.

    Good luck and I would say to definitely call and make and apt. When ya go in, be ready with researched ideas and your med records. Make sure to bring up EVERY health issue that you have, from FMS/CFS, to IBS, to any muscular/skeletal or psychological issues you may have.

    SO, I hope that helps. :O) Let me know how it goes!!!

    take care,

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    Thank you for your info. Is that right then that you have to go to school to get help. I mean instead of going to school will they do something like on the job training. I'm from a small town and the city where the ofice is isn't a very big city. So there's not alot of possibilities here. I can't drive everyday anymore like I used to and my car won't take it.

    I don't know what you have but how in the world can you do that kind of work with these kinds of illnesses. Good luck to you.

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    Hi Keke,

    Well, I think that the training can be done anywhere, not just school. Perhaps, online? Or at a trade school where the course is short, like a few weeks or even hours?

    lol re: the work that I do. Yeah, I sometimes, often, actually, ALWAYS, wonder HOW I do what I do...

    I have FMS, a degenerative nerve disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, I have bouts of IBS and migraines, and I have spinal issues from a recent accident in the ambulance. I also have psych issues, like anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks.

    SO, in answer to your question, I don't know HOW I manage to stay in the game. Since the accident that I mentioned above (in Sept of this year), I really, honestly have been OUT of the game. Mostly, I have been at home, at the docs, at PT, or again, at home resting. I haven't been doing any schooling, retraining, work, or exercise (besides PT and aquatherapy) because of the intense flare that has seemingly been plaguing me, off and on (more on than off)since the accident.

    Anyways, I would suggest you call your local DOR and talk with a counselor. Perhaps they can answer is they have training where you don't have to go back to school.


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    You don't have to be in school.

    I am not nor was I for any part of the service (I still receive help).

    They are able to do anything to help you maintain/train/gain employment (i'm so witty!). They can help you connect with other resources, they can advocate for you, and they can pay for certain things.

    My counselor has helped me a lot! I have gotten sicker, but before that I had a buisness plan that I was able to write because of them. They were going to pay for a lot of my stuff (possibly all of it--my business didn't require much).

    So keep small business in mind! They can provide funds for some/all of that stuff, and they can help/connect you with someone who can help with your business plan.

    They also pay for my bus passes, a friend of mine got her car insurance paid by them. They can buy you books, printers, etc if it is part of your employment plan (I imagine this is within reason).

    The best thing they gave me was hope. They help me plan my future, I have an AMAZING counselor. I'd say you should make sure you are happy with yours!

    BTW sometimes they can come to YOU if you can't make a 40-minute trek. Or they can do services over the phone. Call them and explain your situation.

    Good luck and I hope I was able to help!

    CFS 6 1/2 years -- 25 years old