Gotta Get a Grip!!! Green Drinks

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    Almost at my 3rd week of morning green protein drink and enjoying it...adding new things all the time, added Cinnamon yesterday/...I make a blender full which gives me 2 breakfasts.

    Just heard Dr. Bob Marshall on the radio and he talks about eating "light" breakfasts and what we are doing is breaking a fast....not eating all night while sleeping, so in theory we are breaking a fast and need to eat light but wholesome for heavy stuff. I don't miss the oatmeal. Talk about heavy.
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    That sounds great, Jam! I make a green drink a couple of times a week and drink it at lunch. I do eat eggs about twice a week for breakfast. Why are you off of eggs? I also make my protein bars faithfully with almonds, peanut butter, whey protein, flaxseed, coconut and coconut oil, with dark chocolate on top and have that for breakfast a couple of times too.

    Anyways, your green drink sounds fabulous. I think I buy the same powder, Green Max. But I do add kale and chard etc., as well as carrots whatever I feel like.

    I made some gazpacho (actually came out more like a salsa, which I love) with tomatoes and cucumbers and green pepper and a jalapeno and onion and lemon juice, and cilantro, put it all in the food processor, and have been eating like a side salad with my lunch - it is sooo good!

    Do you think the green drinks are helping with your pain?

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    Yes, Mary, I buy the green max and it seems to have so much good stuff in it. I add a lot of my own stuff too, little chunks of frozen pineapple, handfull of blueberries, if I have them, 1/2 apple, keep "LIGHT" on the sugars but enough to be more pleasing to drink 16 oz....cilantro is a MUST in my drink. Coconut milk and the coconut manna too.

    Egg yolks are high in inflammation and I did buy a little container of egg white spread at TJ's recently and it was just ok. I'm not totally off eggs, but way back on them.

    Listening to Dr. Marshall and talking about breakfast, it's breaking our fast of not eating all night, I don't eat at night anyway....Maybe that's the origin of the word breakfast....

    I like your gazpacho receipe and would LOVE to have someone make it for me.... jam

    The green drink COULD BE helping with pain and I've just started on Krill Oil about 3 days ago 1000mg per day and I feel a slight shift, I think. I've taken Omega 3's off and on for years and never really felt anything for joint I finally bought some Krill Oil and I muscle test stronger on Krill vs Fish oil omega 3...I hold the bottle of each in my hand and do "our" testing and the Krill is'll stick with Krill and see how it goes.
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    Glad I finally re-found this post! I could not remember what section it was under. The krill oil sounds interesting, I may try it some time.

    You could make the gazpacho by just chopping up everything and throwing it all together or mix it in a blender. I need to make some more! It doesn't last long --

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    Well, it's over 1 month of my green morning drink and I'm still hooked, hopefully this will last for me and I can continue it....I made my 2 day drink last night as I knew I didn't have a lot of time this morning to do it, it does take some time...

    Love my pulpy drink as I do it in my 40 oz blender and I get pulp, but pulp is good roughage.....making sure I have celery as it's so good for me, blood pressure wise and the pulp...

    I add so much to my drink and just finishing my 16 oz drink this morning, it gets my day going with a good dose of GREENS....

    This is FOR SURE the longest in my life that I've kept this up and I'm so happy I have. One can do anything if one puts their mind to it.... jam
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    My Parents do the juicing from this site.. healthtip.hacres. com/
    My Mom has the fibromyalgia .. I do too.. but she uses the barley max that they have and is strict about it .. and she says she feels better when they're juicing..
    I do it from time to time.. I have to say I feel better too.. been feeling pretty decent/ normal aches and pains but .. my body can feel the weather change and that I think is what is putting me in a flareup.. plus lots of stress with having to put my mobile home up for sale.. have been without my car for over a month now.. my computer went down.. and I had turned the tv on vacation so I could afford to pay extra on my bill at the garage to get the frame fixed.. but.. I think the stress is getting to me now.. but.. I have to say tho.. regarding the juicing.. it does help!.. Actually.. Supposed to get my car back Monday.. and Im going to get my carrots and stuff to make some juice this next week!..
    They have good recipies on their site too.. You can do a search on Fibro and You can see all of the people that have been helped.. even ones with MS and Diabetes.. and all sorts of other things..
    Its amazing when You think about it.. what food we eat and .. food can heal us!.. if we eat the right things!..
    I did start adding meat to my diet.. and that I think is binding me up.. meat stays in our digestive system for 2 to 3 days.. and when it sits there.. all of that bacteria from it.. creates bad stuff in our bodies and causes cancer and everything else.. so.. Back to my vegetarian ways.. and to feeling better!..
    I hope if You go thru the site.. You can find something in there of use to You..
    I hope I don't get into trouble for posting the link.. but wanted to try to help.. God Bless You all.. and I hope You feel better..
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    Here is my original post on Green Drinks.....
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    Searching for info on this board is enough to drive me away, slowly but it is is the green drink post.....
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    I am fairly new to the whole idea of changing the food I eat in order to help heal my body, and better manage pain. I have only recently heard about jamin, and this is one of the best posts I have read on the topic. I am going to take a trip to the grocery store in a day or two and pick up some ingredients to get started. The organic section at the local market is going to have to work until I am able to get to the natural food store. I am excited about the idea of mixing different flavors and drinks while being able to get a large amount of the necessary foods I need. I can't imagine that it wouldn't be enjoyable to create new flavors and recipes.