Gotta love my doc!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by teach6, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. teach6

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    I talked to my doc this morning about some questions I had. My denial for disability retirement and the basis for it (a bogus report from a psychiatrist hired by the state) has him so ticked off that he is out to show them who's right!!!

    In addition to the tilt table test I had on Monday he also also ordered a 24 hour urine test for cortisol levels. He has done this because in CFS the levels are usually low and in depression, which the shrink said was my only problem, they are high. He added that he will also include the paper he has written to back up his statements and the results of the tests!

    Do not ever make this man mad!!! You will be sorry. His very proud of his work and he is very dedicated to his patients. I feel so blessed to have found him when I did!

  2. LauraLea

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    That is awesome Barbara. Nice to have someone like that on your side. This is a great story to hear.... Good news there are doctors out there who truly care.

  3. epicurean

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    I guess we are really lucky to have found such good,and esp. caring Docs.'Hope your feeling better since your tilt test!!
  4. VickyB

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    Is your doctor on the good doctor list? Where are you located and what kind of doctor is he? I am always looking for a good one.
    Thanks, Sleeper01
  5. darlamk

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    Hang on to that guy! I'm so glad you've got someone working with and for you - that is so important for all of us.Good luck with your appeals!
  6. dlizard

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    I've got my fingers crossed that I have found one like that.... you go girl! my appointment is wednesday of next week..... You know its so sad that your care is dependent on your doctors values not your own.... but lucky lucky you! Good luck!
  7. teach6

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    I put him on the Good Docs list myself! I live in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. My doc's office is in Reston. He is an internist who specializes in CFS and FM.