Gout anyone? Had it? How does it affect your Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SFJohnny, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. SFJohnny

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    Had a very scary thing happen to me on NYE -- was at friends for poker party. A regular event. Well, at about 11pm I just crashed and burned (no alcohol for me) on friend's sofa.

    About 2:00 am they tried to roust me to get going (as in to home) and I simply could not get up. Incredible pain in my left leg and also in my right arm. So I spent the night on friends' sofa and the next day I could not get up either.

    So my friends had to "haul me" out to their truck, and then haul me to my apartment and into my apartment. I couldn't walk. Couldn't get arm to work. So off to the ER I went. They dx'ed me with gout of the right elbow and left foot/ankle. But entire left leg was gimpy. This just didn't make sense.

    I've had gout before, but not to the point that I could not walk at all ... just had to take a cab to ER, they got a wheelchair to roll me in and then out to cab again to go back to my apt.

    It's been six days now and I'm beginning to walk a bit better, but my question is: Does this happen to others?

    Just wondering if the gout was part of a flare or did the gout cause a major flare?

    I've never had a flare so badly that I couldn't walk at ALL!!! I've been having bad pains in left leg for about six months and am scheduled to see a neurologist in a couple of weeks -- soonest I could get an appt.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced inability to walk from a fibro flare? Is this just exacerbation of this DD? Like it's getting worse or such? My PCP (whom I saw after the ER visit) said it was just gout and of course, there IS no such thing as FIBRO!!!

    OK, smartypants doc, then why can't I WALK?

    I know this is a strange post -- just looking for some feedback from others who have lost ability to walk -- and not just from the gout.

    I'm stumped and a bit concerned.

    Thanks & Peace,
    Johnny B.
  2. pam_d

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    My hubby has gout, but NOT fibro....but when he's had gout attacks in the past (with him it's his foot, and he had his first at age 31) he said it was excruciating pain like no other. I remember he couldn't even put a light bedsheet over his foot, I slept in another bed because any movement I made that jarred the bed just about killed him. Luckily he has had few of them since, but they can be very severe.

    Did they give you anything to take for this? Did they do bloodwork to confirm gout? I imagine a severe attack of gout COULD cause an FM flare, the pain being so bad that you stiffen your whole body up & walk entirely differently just to avoid further pain.

    Hope this helps, & really hope you feel better soon!

  3. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...hoping for other answers for you...
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I am wondering the same things. Did they do bloodwork to look for uric acid? Was there redness and swelling? I'm glad you have an appt. with the doc as there seems to be more at work here than just FMS. If it were me, I would want to know if it was truly Gout which caused this incident.

    Please let us know how this works out for you. BTW, do you take medication for Gout?

    Love, Mikie
  5. Jane_Canuck

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    Johnny B.

    hi there woke up this am in alot of pain and have been for a while in my big toes.

    Took several med classes in the past that always said this sort of thing was gouty arth, and saw your post and wanted to know if you had anything since come of this.

    Hope you are doing better, but since you have not reposted I hope you do soon!

    Mikie is this just another reason to get on guai? May help this symptom.

    TTFN Brenda
  6. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

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