Govt red tape causing me major flare up

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Starla, Dec 21, 2002.

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    I just went to my State Dept of Human Resources to get medical aide until my disability gets approved. They said we made $150 too much to qualify. My meds cost about $900 a month and we are in no way going to be able to afford the cost of living and medical expenses on just one income. I explained the reason my bank account had more money in it than our income was because I make my kids pay their portion of the auto insurance, long distance bills, etc. I put their money in my account to pay the bill by check. Do you think they care? They consider it income. Now I know, and I won't do that again. I was so depressed when they turned me down, I cried, got depressed and slept. I was so tense that I pulled a muscle in my back just lifting my grandbaby up and have been suffering from that for days. The lady said for me to reapply. Life gets so depressing. How are we suppose to get bye. It is bad enough to have this DD and be miserable, but to be poor too! Come on, give me a break. I worked full time all my life from the age of 15 to 39 paying taxes to the government, for what? So that they can give the benefits to those people that don't even try to help themselves? And the people that need help because they honestly need it get turned down for being honest. I need surgery in January for problems from my hysterectomy back in July this year and I really need some medical help. Ya'll all say a prayer for me, PLEASE.
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    Hope you get a better responce next time.You may find it some comfort to know your's is not the only govement that acts in this way.Although the system here in England is very differant,the same stupid way working things out goes on.I'm fighting a case of back pay.They owe me around £100.So far as they have to pay my costs,there is allrede a bill of over £400 for my leagle expencess.Plus there own cost,& they are still fighting the case.
    Best of luck...Alan...U.K
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    I know it is awful the way we get treated, as an american. We that have busted our butts working, and then when we need help, we cant get it, or our money that we are intitled to. What is the most flustrating thing, is how people can come into America, and get all the FREE medical etc. and we as U.S. citizens cant get any help. Now that is sad!!! I dont blame the people getting it, that come from other countrys, it isn't their fault it the governments, for not helping their own.