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    I have been diagnosed by an immunologist who has basically told me to walk to the end of the road one day and then a bit further the next and so willing to try anything but he has given me nothing to work with. I'm teaching full time so how do i tie the varying demands of that in with an exercise programme that makes me feel so ill? Im lucky that i can stay a full day at school,when i get home im too tired to do anything and if i was to put my energy into anything shouldn't it be the massive backlog of work taht i've got?Or the household chores that have to be done no matter how ill you are? If you were me, woulod you give up work? i can do a day at work and i love teaching but i cant do the other 50% of my job which is the planning and marking at home. I worry constantly that someone will ask to see my marking records or planning and i'll end up on competence proceedings because of the attitudes towards Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. How do i get out of this rut and start doing something that will actually help? Im on no medication at all and i am definitely not going back on anti depressants.What can i do about nausea, headaches, flatulence, constipation, muscle aches, catarrh and last but definitely not least, fatigue?
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    You are really having a hard time. {{{{hugs}}}}

    It is so hard to exercise when we can barely make it thru work. I do some Tai Chi in the morning, takes about 6 minutes and gets my blood moving. I got an exercise bike 3 weeks ago, started with 1 min a day first week then went to 2 min. This week I tried to go to 3 and couldn't - Dang!

    For all those symptoms maybe you'd be willing to go "natural". I take a good multi-vitamin (for over-all well-being), natural fiber (for constipation).

    There are many other natural things to help the rest of your problems. Try typing specific ailments and do a "Message Search" at the top of the page, you'll find plenty of useful info.
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    Have you tried yoga -it can really revitalize you. If you dont exercise at all you'll get worse. You could try changing your diet - often fatigue is due to allergies, wheat, gluten and dairy being the main offenders. Is working part-time an option?
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    Hi Rachel, I was diagnosed my an endo who sent me for graded exercise and I had to do exactly the same in fact it was the very same words. I walked down the road one day feeling like I was going to pass out (very dizzy). I quickly decided that it wasnt going to help. I really dont think they know anything here in the UK regarding CFS and FM and if you find a good doctor it is a rarity.

    Have you had and thyroid testing done? I am looking down the adrenal route at the moment and am waiting for an appointment with a private doctor in Bolton who deals with every aspect of fatigue syndromes.

    I can sympathize with working feeling this way and I dont have an ounce of energy once I get home. I wish I could afford to do a part time job, Im sure I would feel better.

    I will let you know how I get on with private doc. It may be worth your while seeing someone with more knowledge than the graded exercise routine.

    Bst wishes Chrissy xx
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    And why they choose to pick this one up and run with it still confuses me.

    First of all ...... staying as active as possible with a good attitude is important in any disease process. That is a no brainer.

    Second of all.....all the studies I have read on Graded exercise and CBT have a disclaimer of sorts or are flawed. They agree that a "sub-set", or those that have "completed the study" benefit.

    Obviously those bedridden, or home bound that can't participate in the studies aren't calculated in...nor are the ones that quit the study.........So obviously only "high functioning" people with CFS are studied.

    The best advice can give to you listen to your body...stay as active as you can. There are times when exercise makes me feel good...and there are times when it literally makes me feel sicker. I learned the difference.....Take care,

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    i can certainly understand your frustrations. i don't even have a dx yet but i think CFS is the closest thing i've got right now. anyway i have been doing warm water therapy for a while now and it is great for the joint/muscle pain. i never exercise more than 30 minutes at a time and sometimes do much less than that. i think tai chi is a great exercise as well as chi quong (Sp??). i have been using chinese medicine (acupuncture, etc) and it has helped so much. you should explore that avenue if you can. in the meantime good luck and know that there are others out there feeling rotten at the end of the work day!