Grain Brain (book) our brains need FATS

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    I''ve talked often here about the cholesterol myth that is rampant out there and the statins that are pushed to lower cholesterol, which our body needs, not to lower it with drugs.

    My doc tests my homocysteine levels as there is a huge school of researchers who claim homo is related to heart homo levels elevated in recent months as I slacked off Omega 3's, ate too much processed meats and slacked off B12....I've changed all that NOW.....

    Just hearing Dr. Perlmutter being interviewed on my newsy radio and about his book and fascinating info on the brain and how our brain needs fats and not grains....

    My grandma and mom knew the good fats: butter and lard, then the govt got involved and created a major amount of designer so called foods... I never bought into the low/non fat stuff...

    I eat avacodos almost daily and good amounts of coconut oil.....both good oils we need.

    The book looks so informative and 1000's reviews on amazon about it....I most likely won't get it as I've been aware of this issue for a long time and pretty much avoid grains...

    Anyway, I'm not a doctor but do BELIEVE all this good alternative health info I sponge up. › ... › Nervous System
    In his latest book, neurologist Perlmutter (The Better Brain Book) declares war on a common foodstuff, attributing a bewilderingly wide assortment of maladies to ...
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    Just heard my 1 hr long Prolotherapy MD program and some call in with swelling and inflammation and edema of their joints and the first thing Dr. Darrow says get OFF grains, dairy, sugars (including fruits) and other inflammation producing foods. He highly recommends getting the Grain Brain book and follow it to health improvement.

    Went on to say protein and fats are what our bodies need.......jam
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    I have a hard time believing that fruit isn't healthy!
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    In moderation, but too many overdo fruits....I did when I didn't know better.... I will now eat 1-2 small tangerines, a kiwi and an apple or 1/2 almost daily....or an orange when I buy them....I buy pineapple and eat a few chunks when I do. Moderation, but it's the overdoing of cause inflammation.
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    Hi Jam - I read some years ago about how good fats are so important for brain health. People low in omega 3's tend to be depressed. Our brains do need good fats and a certain amount of cholesterol - low to no-fat diets do cause a lot of harm.

    One of the first things I read about how we need cholesterol and how the extremely low cholesterol promulgated by the medical establishment is not good for us was The Atkins Diet. He talked about how carbs are a major cause of cholesterol (and other) problems, not eggs or fats. We seem to have got it all backwards.

    My homocysteine levels are very low, I've cut out almost all sugar, eat very few grains, lots of B12. If only I could exercise!

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    Just hearing the Prolo MD and a woman called in with cervical issues and talked about that for some time and then hit the doc that she also deals with MS.....the first thing he said was get the Grain Brain book and READ IT and adhere to it. She sounded like all the grain info was NEW to her mind....good grief....

    My sis who deals with horrible advanced MS ate high grain foods for many many years and for all I know she still does....pasta, pizza, breads, etc. etc....wonder if her great specialists told her about the grains she should stay away from....I talked about this issue early on, but then my info just went on deaf ears so I backed off....
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    Hi, Everyone has different levels of inflammation from eating grains. It definitely affects me so I try to avoid all gluten. Dr. Perlmutter says to avoid foods with a high glycemic index. I love potatoes which is supposed to have a very high glycemic index. I don't seem to have any problem with eating potatoes though. I think the key is to listen to what your body is telling you. Bloating and gas are big warning signs that what you are eating is not agreeing with you.

    I would also recommend borrowing Dr Perlmutter's book. It is poorly written and very hard to read straight through. He does make some very good points though.