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    I have just read Dr. Olson's ebook and am curious as to why he didn't list buckwheat, quinoa, and other "grains" in that gluten-free category. I have fibromyalgia, and I thought I had Celiac Sprue. I don't, but my body is happier without grains. My body does tolerate millet, flaxseed and brown rice flours, as well as buckwheat (which is a fruit) and quinoa.

    Any help on this?

    I have cut out most sugars, but do have a few treats I have trouble giving up... like 85% cocoa chocolate and one small glass of dark red wine.

    I do feel better when off grains, but still want them. :)
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    Hi Sally, I haven't heard of this fellow before. What's his spin?

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    Dr. Olson is the author of Sugarettes and is on this site. He says go 30 days without sugar, including grains. He has an ebook you can download. Go to Home.
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    It's possible that Olson is not familiar with buckweat , quinoa, etc. Many people are unfamiliar with these grains.

    I am extremely gluten-sensitive, and have been on a strict GF diet for over 5 years, with great benefits. I have none of the serum markers for celiac disease, although I have a daughter with celiac. I do not have an IgE allergy to gluten-bearing grains, although I have a son and a daughter who are allergic to gluten grains. Go figure.

    In general, I am hesitant to cut out all grains as I believe that for me at least, I do better with a little wholegrain variety. I like brown rice, teff, and GF oats. I LOVE that buckwheat.

    Personally, I tolerate only so much quinoa & amaranth, perhaps due to oxalates. Both millet & flaxseed depress thyroid function, and I avoid them on that count. However, chia seed is great!

    I've found that people w/fibro who are diet-responders can be extremely "individual" in terms of what works/doesn't work for them. Some people better without grains. Others have a dairy or egg issue. I've discovered that excess veg oils, and excess acidic foods flare up my fibro pain.

    Sugar does depress immune function, and it messes with a lotta stuff. If I were to pick the MOST common dietary pain-offender in fibro, it would be simple sugars & chemical sugar-substitutes. That is, IME with talking to fibro diet-responders over the years.

    IMO, there is no universal cure out there for fibro. People try diff things -- what works for one, doesn't necessarily help the next person. So I'm all for figuring out what works for me, and for YOU figuring out what helps YOU.

    IMO, if some grains are well-tolerated by your body, good for you. If a little chocolate or red wine is well-tolerated, good for you!

    I myself tolerate alcohol not at all, and chocolate in only very small amts.

    There's tons of theories out there ... all fibro is caused by (take your pick): depression, hypochondria, mercury, mold, other toxins, viruses, mycoplasma, candida, methylation problems, sugar, food allergies, etc.

    But fibro is a highly unspecific diagnosis, defined by a pretty common set of symptoms. The people who are out there on the take with their theories (not all are) sometimes tend to overlook individual differences and to discount the possibility that there may be more than one cause that can account for fibro symptoms.

    Perhaps, one day, we will have a definitive singular cause for fibro. But right now, nothing is particularly definitive

    I think it's fine to consider various theoretical cures for fibro, and to play with them, if they are relatively harmless things to try. But I myself will not waste one moment of guilt if my body says different than "the theory."

    IMO, if there are some grains that your body does tolerate, and it feels good to enjoy them in moderation, why not?

    Best wishes.

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    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

    I am 66, and my husband died in 1990. I found out I had fibromyalgia in 2000, and had never heard of it. When I think back, sometimes through the years, I wondered if I would have a
    muscle disease when I got older.

    I was tested for Celiac, but don't have it, but need to have some kind of grains to feel happy.
    I will have a sandwich on multi-grain or rye bread a couple times a week, have some brown rice/millet flour bread.

    I would love to go completely grain-free, but it is not an easy thing for me.
    I have cut way back on beef, and eat mostly chicken and fish. I have to have some protein or my body isn't happy. I love vegetables and fruits.

    I go to the Y for fitness classes and linedance.
    In fact, my doctor told me that the linedancing I did after my husband died probably helped
    keep my symptoms away, until I kept getting sick and one time casually mentioned that everything hurt more than usual. He wanted an explantion, so I explained how it hurt everywhere... tenderness.. pain. He checked me out and gave me the verdict. I told my daughter-in-law, and she had a close friend who has it. They told me to take Malic Acid,
    Calcium/Magnisium and Zinc, MSM, and Cod Liver Oil. That changed my life, as at the time I was teaching on 3 hours of sleep a night, and had all the symptoms. What a difference. Even now, if I slack on the supplements, I get cramps in the arch of my foot, Charlie Horses, etc. and can barely get up the stairs.

    Sleep is my biggest problem.
    I take Trazedone.

    I heard a lecture of Dr. Charles Lapp, and he confirmed the supplements and trazedone.

    Thanks for the information... I am always learning.