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    Foot Pain is the one of the worst w/Fibro. Why-your preached to death to exercise and stretch. How can you when unable to walk and get around. I'm 55 and had surgery on both feet at 27. Knuckles removed; joint rebuilt and removed;and neuroma's removed in both feet. Now, plantar Fascisitis. All I needed. Not sleeping tonight due to this. Dr. can't even deal with with tumors returning due to 2/3 of the foot involved with Plantar problem. wear splint during sleep; and orthodic boot during day and entire body wght is shifted when ambulating. So, there agrivates the Fibro. No win situation. Podiatrist said, Maybe he would have to cast my feet. However, he has one pt. that he has tx.'d for 25 yrs. on Plantar and not one thing has worked. At 27 the Dr. who did the surgery on my feet-said then-you won't walk at the age of 50. I actually forgot about this. November, I started to have horrible problem. Burning like proprane torch being held on feet and waking me up during the night. entire bone on the side of foot feels like fractured and heels about the same. Never had any heel problem. I've had orthodics made for shoes and special shoes made for me and wore them out in 3-4 months. No answer here. Not on any oxy. would love to find any Dr. in MN. who would care. I rock with pain and it radiates to the groin. From balancing act of cane, wheelchair; walker and ortho boot to walk and get around. I know with Diabetic Neuropathy pain-they always used amitriptyline, efflexor or your cheyenne pepper ointment treatments like zostrix etc. If you were lucky as a patient-some Dr.'s would also supplement with a pain med. usually Tylenol #3. Hope you feel improved by now.
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    I am sorry you are having such terrible problems and pain.I was just telling you what helps me. I didn't realize that I was preaching. Granmakitty[This Message was Edited on 05/20/2003]