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    Hi, Grammy:

    Thanks much for asking about the arm; no, the lymph gland is worse and I don't expect it will straighten up & behave itself between now and 07/30 when there's an appt with dr.

    Now add in sore and clogged feeling throat, sinuses that need Benadryl to make them work, slowly climbing temp; I'm growing myself another fever. Gleeb.

    Gosh yes if anyone likes the terms that somehow get from this thing between my ears to the comp screen, do feel free to use them. We need SOME sort of amusement with this wretched thing, that's for sure.

    Packing, packing, realizing for the umpteenth time I have too much stuff, being very stern with myself such as "You do not NEED this many plates, bowls, here's something you bought 8 months ago and never used"...OUT the extra stuff goes.

    About the WiFi, someone told me it has something to do with laptop type devices. Of course I don't have one of those and am clutching the handy-dandy credit card in case I have to buy one.
    Then Someone Else gets to figure out how to transfer all the stuff from this computer to laptop, or is that even how that works??

    Apologies for the time between your post and this answer! Somehow there's just not enough time to do a flat-out pack on the run, remember to stuff food into face at intervals, and when's naptime?

    Gods bless FIBs! One such local person is helping AND she has a small truck that already has a cover so there's no worries about "Get a tarp, tie it down over the load that the Authority here says has to be covered." Whew.


    Leaknits, red streaks and FIBs 07/22/08 06:53 AM

    Hi Lea, did your arm wind up getting better or...?

    Btw, I loved your explanation of F I Bs in another post, thanks for letting everybody know it's okay to use that, cracks me up! Also your post about moving (eek, don't envy you there) and your "Gleep" word for wifi, lol. We have wifi and it's still a magical sort of thing to me. But then, so many things are. :D



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