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    First off I have to explain there were no red streaks etc.; that was just a bit of sarcasm aimed at dr who doesn't seem to know squat about M E/Fibro and, due to CA's Governor's hacking at budgetted funds for People Who Need Help, I can't seem to find a dr literate in M E/Fibro who accepts my MediCare/MedicAid.

    Holy crow I surely do hope the hives that got you are all gone; never heard before that they could create infection-type streaks uuuup an arm. Haven't had hives since I was about 4 feet tall and ate three huge oranges in one day. Instant hives, great welts on legs that looked like I'd been fact the teacher at school asked me why I'd been hitting my legs...GLEEB.
    It turned out that a shot of adrenaline cleared up the welts Right Now. Downside to that was I had to "Stay there, sit still, no running around." With all that adrenaline in me? Yeah.

    Move-stress and the wretched smoke-filled air from CA's tooooo many fires, over 4100 of them at the last count I heard, add that to the d'd and what it means is no, the armpit lymph isn't better, also the usual sinus dreck and raw throat.
    That 4100 fires count was a couple weeks ago and the new fires are coming closer, closer, oh golly.
    Talked to a F I B yesterday and she told me she had actually seen ash fall on her car!

    Love your DH's interpretation of F I B, rofl.

    Several boxes of "I'm not keeping this stuff" have, like your curbed boxes, been shuttled into laundry room of the mobile home park here. I haven't gone to see whether any of the brightly written "FREE!" boxes have been gone through.

    Your tagging system is terrific. Lacking labels, I broke out the box of crayons that came from I know not where. Wrote BATH or whatever on all four sides and the top of filled boxes. With any luck at all, BATH boxes won't end up in the second bedroom, buried under other stuff.

    Thank you very much for the expanation of WiFi! Whew, I really didn't want to have to spring for a new toy right now. A while back I got talked into trying a thing called laser mouse. Hated it and went back to the Old Style I learned on....the mouse with a ball in its' "belly."

    I did get a police/fire/highway patrol chatter scanner; now all I need to do is take the thing back to the store and sweet-talk the man there into telling me why all I can get it to do is HIIIISSSSS. Thank goodness I bought the one-year warranty!

    Tackling the extras in the kitchen will continue today; there's really no reason for single me to have multiples of garlic smashers, spatulas, ladles, and on and on.
    You're too right about the unnecessary weight of plates. Gave away a large stack.
    Found, by golly, the square glass lid for my square iron skillet. Now if only the skillet would appear; it's been missing since two moves ago. :-/ .

    Too funny that your dogs interpret Gleeb as "Treat." Reminded me of a long-ago friend who moved waaaay out into country and how the mockingbirds there learned to imitate the Feeding Whistle for her dogs. Poor confused doggies, lol. I mean it: bird would sound The Call, dogs would come from all over, looking for lunch.

    Here, when my cats are out and I really want them in, I've taken to stomping a foot on the trailer floor. Bingo, two cats appear, wanting to know what's up. Moving to a second floor apartment will definitely mean I have to stop with the stomping, already.

    I really don't know what day is Move Day. The brand new apartment building honcho says that more new apts are available; I have to get in touch with her and find out whether I can start trundling in with boxes.
    Bath has been pared down to the bare minimum needed, so the Extras box of that stuff could go and would free up some floor space here for stacking of more filled boxes.

    Dear Grammy board-friend, I certainly will pop in here after 07/30 appt with dr and let anyone interested know what the guy comes up with this time.

    Someone here said a while back that ungraduated drs should be made to read Osler's Web. I agree, and certainly wish my guy had been made to read it or, at least, "Stricken: Voices From The Hidden Epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."
    He really did say, at the appt when I interviewed him, that "Oh yes, I have several Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia patients already."

    Sure he does. I hope he's treating them, if they really do exist, better than he treats what's going on with me.

    Okay. I have to stop "taking a break" now and shove more stuff into boxes. This break has lasted about 3 hours...


    Hi Lea!! 07/24/08 08:13 AM

    It totally made my day to see your post! :D I always get a giggle, if not a belly laugh, when I read your posts on other threads, you have a wonderful and wry sense of humor!

    I mentioned F I Bs to my husband who immediately correlated it to P I Bs. I thought he meant People In Bodies but he used it in conjunction with a couple of his male coworkers and didn't call them 'people" haha.

    Do you still have the red streaks along with your worsened lymph gland and other symptoms? I sure hope not, that sounded so much like blood poisoning when I read your other post. However, I also had red streaks that started out looking like bruises on my inner wrists which corresponding to a lessening of hives outbreak recently.

    I called my dr's office; when he returned my call and got the whole story, he said it sounded like toxins trying to work their way out of my system. But he also told me to keep a very close eye on them and go to the ER or come see him ASAP if they got to the crook of my elbow, or lasted more than a few days. I don't know if that's any help to you, just thought I'd pass it along.

    Ugh, moving! We moved last fall and it was awful. I can't even begin to tell how much stuff got put by the curb and mysteriously vanished overnight. I also gave my DIL my 8-serving set of 'good' dishes, beautiful glass and everything rimmed in silver. She was as thrilled to get them as I was to get rid of them. Mostly we use paper plates and such; I still haven't unpacked the regular dishes and may never bother. They're just so heavy and neither of us have missed them in...almost 9 months!

    I didn't have many odds and ends of cookware - BUT I packed the few things that get used regularly in one box (with the paper stuff, haha) and the rest into a U-haul large size box. Guess what? That big box is still unopened in the garage, haven't missed a single thing from it.

    I also got rid of TONS of utensil type things, couldn't believe how many duplicate items or just crap that had accummulated in only two years. My old next-door neighbors have a ginormous extended family, I asked their teenage daughter to come see what she thought they might want, which led to her helping me empty a lot of closet space, too. We actually ran out of time and wound up moving things we wanted to get rid of; fortunately everything isn't stuffed or stacked inside so I can - and WILL - ignore it as long as I want!

    About the wireless internet, you don't absolutely have to have a laptop to take advantage of it. I have a desktop computer, got it for Christmas, and hubby set it up with a wireless ergonomic keyboard and wireless mouse. The monitor has a pretty long cord but still plugs into the tower. It seems he mentioned something at some point about wireless monitors being available, but I might be confusing that with something else.

    Prior to moving when I was setting up new phone/tv/internet service, the only different thing required was a wireless router. I think. If memory serves, and it often doesn't, I think the computer modem or something in that tower of mystery and magic was already capable of wireless connection. Hubby was home when the installation guy came and there was much intent gobbly-do-gook talk between the two of them about setting up that stuff. We were both using a laptop then and had wireless capability prior to moving, which the previous cable dude had set up with zero input from me. (Other than my gasp of delight and amazement when it worked, lol!)

    I've been saying GLEEB GLEEB to my dogs, they appear to interpret it as TREAT TREAT and immediately go sit and stare at the treat jar. It also seems to be the magic word if they're dawdling outside, they trot back, come inside eagerly, and assume the treat position. Hey, works for me!

    How long til your move date? Thank goodness you have someone to help. I don't know whether you have the finances for it, but we hired a local moving company. They normally charge $75 an hour but charged $95 since we were moving over an hour away, and out of the city and into the country. From the time they showed up to load and I passed them coming in while they were leaving the new place, it was just under 3.5 hours. They are FAST!! They charged for 4 hours because of the drive back and we tipped them $20 each since they disconnected, moved, and reconnected up all the appliances and two king-size bed with 10" memory foam toppers. It was money very well spent; I'd charge that kind of help if my bank balance didn't allow it!

    The other thing I did was use a green light, yellow light, red light type system. The red actually became neon pink since I couldn't find red rectangular labels, like bigger address levels. (this also provided incentive for a bigger tip) The bigger address labels enable you to write on them, unlike the dots, which also do not stick very well.

    Red labels meant "stack in garage against a wall." Nothing with a red (neon pink) label was to go inside.

    Yellow labels meant "stack in garage in front of red/pink label boxes.

    Green labels meant "goes inside in appropriate room." For example, kitchen, dining area, living room, bedrooms.

    I stuck each color label on a sheet of printer paper x 4 (one per mover and one for hubby) and stuck several of one color each in corresponding areas. The two bedroom doors had a piece of paper with green labels taped to it, etc. I also did the label/paper/tape thing for large items to be put in the right spot, like the beds, dressers, dining table, living room chairs, tv and stand, etc.

    This enabled the movers to pre-plan loading the truck, they actually put all the "red label" boxes in the back so those would be unloaded and stacked first, out of the way. I explained what I wanted them to do when they arrived and told them the better they followed the color coding, the bigger their tips would be. We'd used them in the past so they already knew we'd tip SOMETHING. :) They all seemed pretty happy with their cash tips, too.

    Oh, and I was liberal with sticking on labels, one on top and one on each side, with the room name in sharpie marker on a side label.

    Hope that helps you some, moving is so difficult, and packing is the worst. The only "red label" boxes I found inside were the ones DH took in his pickup, lol.

    Good luck at your doctor's appt, I hope you post and have some positive answers about your symptoms and fevers.


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