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    I had been tested not long ago for thyroid but it came out negative but everyone always things I must have thyroid issues due to a 60lb wheight gain in the last 1&1/2years and my glands always look swollen. I was also told most places like MMHMR where I was diagnosed with major depression, run a long serious of tests and sometimes they are not as deep or thourough as they should be. What is armour? As far as what tests she wants for me and treatment, as I said before when I mentioned I had no insurance that wasn't even mentioned. All your info is always very helpfull to me as this is so new to me.
    BTW the Lyme was negative, I read that myself. The Epstein-barr was very confusing to me and also never explained. The cymlical amp (energy) I insisted on getting an answer and Dr.S. said it was very low at 25.4 and I am taking the ATP-20 because she wants it at least at 30. Hers is 84 and she stated most people are at least 50 and above. I did fill out the app for Allsup and waiting for an answer. I applied for the Gold Card but Dr. S. doesn't take it but it would be good to help with all other tests and scripts. I did obtain a discount RX Blue card which helps with a bit of a discount. When thing Dr. said today was that the majority of pain I am feeling is attributed to the Fibromyalgia, so she must have seen something and just not explain it.
    That's the gist of it. She did give me some meds but I still haven't slept. I really have a hard time shutting of my brain.LOL As always thank you for your input and God Bless. XOXOXO Belinha

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