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    No, if you recall when I told her I had no insurance, but was sleep deprived (I forgot to mention I was in Methhodist Hospital for 12 hours because I was also worrying my husband with so much pain and lack of sleep so the Dr.gave me a Morphine and visceral shot and atarax for sleep.
    So this tuesday I followed up with her and was supposed to get all the results explained to me,but then changed her mind and said, "Well when you can afford the expensive blood tests, then we will decide on a line of treatment so she prescribed low milgs morphine for pain, atarax for sleep and valium for anxiety.
    I did ask about all the injections ie. b12 but as I said That will be for when I can afford the bloodtests. Meanwhile I hurt more and sleep less every day. I have been sick before but I don't recall such a mixed up of venemous symptoms in my life.
    Hurt emotionally & physically, and jusr dazed and confuzed.

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